• Multiple FMCOMMS2/3 on Zc706 [Or FMCOMMS2/3 on FMC HPC]

    Hi there

    Has anybody successfully used multiple FMCOMMS2/3 on a single host board?

    Need to get 2 boards (4 channels) working on a single Zc706 under LINUX!

    Would appreciate any help in getting FMCOMMS2/3 to work on FMC-HPC under LINUX.



  • AD4004 3-Wire Turbo Mode


    On page 30, the AD4000/4004/4008 datasheet says this about 3-Wire Without Busy Indicator mode, "When performing conversions in this mode, SDI must be held high." But on the same page, under Figure 53, it says "SDI must be connected to the digital…

  • RE: DC890B, DC1620A, Python 3

    The python code was written for 2.7, we do not guarantee the code will work on python 3.

  • 3-phase system measurement and 3 single-phase system measurement by ADE9000, ADE9078


    Can we measure a 3 phase system and a 3 single-phase by same circuit using ADE9000 or ADE9078? Off course the meassurement points of the 3 phase system and the 3 single-phase system are different. If no, could you please advise me the connection in…

  • ADE7880 3 phase 3-wired(Delta mode) How to calculate ITHD,VTHD value


    I use ADE7880 to analyze total harmonic distortion(THD) in 3 phae 3-wired(Delta connection)

    It's OK in ITHD each phase,the value is what I expect

    But the value of VTHD is unexpected(each phase), VTHD value is totally different from testing…

  • RE: AD7124-4 for two 3 wire RTDs

    Not sure why it was appeared recently. But to update an answer on this post. The last comment referred to 3-wire configuration wherein the reference is at high side. So this might require reference resistor for each RTD. However, to save cost the user…

  • EVAL-AD7982-PMDZ, High THD-3 level.

    I 'm testing Eval-ad7982-pmdz and comparing THD results with Eval-7984-pmdz. 

    In contrast to charts provided in datasheets, adc7982 shows worse  results in exactly the same test conditions.

    Difference is more than 10 dBc  with 2 kHz sine signal. 


  • AD 9361 Fast Attack AGC Transition From State 2 to 3, and 3 to 5?

    A few questions about how AD9361 Fast Attack AGC transits from State 2 to 3, then from State 3 to 5:

    Q1) According to UG671, Fast Attack AGC locks the gain upon entering State 3. How does the AGC determine that it should exit State 2 and enter into State…

  • How can we implement 3 electrode (only 3) and 6 channel ECG with only one ADS1293 ?

    How can we implement 3 electrode (only 3) and 6 channel ECG with only one ADS1293 ?

    We can calculate goldberger , but how can we eliminate rld ?

    What is the effect of coupling vdd/2 to each electrode with a 10Mohm or high valued resistor , instead of…