• Multiple FMCOMMS2/3 on Zc706 [Or FMCOMMS2/3 on FMC HPC]

    Hi there

    Has anybody successfully used multiple FMCOMMS2/3 on a single host board?

    Need to get 2 boards (4 channels) working on a single Zc706 under LINUX!

    Would appreciate any help in getting FMCOMMS2/3 to work on FMC-HPC under LINUX.



  • Selection of Inductor for channel 3 of ADP5054


    We are using ADP5054 in our design.We need to derive 5.5V with 1A load current from Channel 3 of ADP5054.

    I gave this inputs in ADP505x_Buck designer tool and tool suggests to use 12uH SD43-123MLB. Is it fine to go ahead with this inductor MPN?


  • 3-phase system measurement and 3 single-phase system measurement by ADE9000, ADE9078


    Can we measure a 3 phase system and a 3 single-phase by same circuit using ADE9000 or ADE9078? Off course the meassurement points of the 3 phase system and the 3 single-phase system are different. If no, could you please advise me the connection in…

  • ADE7880 3 phase 3-wired(Delta mode) How to calculate ITHD,VTHD value


    I use ADE7880 to analyze total harmonic distortion(THD) in 3 phae 3-wired(Delta connection)

    It's OK in ITHD each phase,the value is what I expect

    But the value of VTHD is unexpected(each phase), VTHD value is totally different from testing…

  • RE: FMCOMMS2/3 & zc706 Unsupported PRODUCT ID 0xFF

    FMCOMMS2 and FMCOMMS3 are identical from the pinout point of view, so they should both work using the same HDL and FPGA carrier.


  • AD 9361 Fast Attack AGC Transition From State 2 to 3, and 3 to 5?

    A few questions about how AD9361 Fast Attack AGC transits from State 2 to 3, then from State 3 to 5:

    Q1) According to UG671, Fast Attack AGC locks the gain upon entering State 3. How does the AGC determine that it should exit State 2 and enter into State…

  • How can we implement 3 electrode (only 3) and 6 channel ECG with only one ADS1293 ?

    How can we implement 3 electrode (only 3) and 6 channel ECG with only one ADS1293 ?

    We can calculate goldberger , but how can we eliminate rld ?

    What is the effect of coupling vdd/2 to each electrode with a 10Mohm or high valued resistor , instead of…

  • ADE7880如何采集3相3线制电源的相电压?



  • Integrating FMCOMMS-3 with VCU118

    Is AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ Board compatible with VCU118 board?

    If compatible which reference hdl to use and what changes to be done to the reference hdl.  

  • RE: USE AD5725 3 line

    Thank you for your answer