• LT1997-2 Distortion Specs


    In a LT1997-2 datasheet I see image on a page 1 with a THD spec on 1 kHz and on page 18 there is a Distortion section with a general words: "The LT1997-2 features excellent distortion performance when the internal op amp is operating in the normal…

  • RE: LTC6810-1

    For the funnel amplifier part, scratch the AD8475; I meant the LT1997-2.

  • LT1997-3 unused pins

    Sorry may be a trivial question...

    Using an LT1997-3 as differential amplifier with G=1 how connect unused pins ?

    thanks for help

  • Behavior of LT1997(-3) in LTSpice

    I am evaluating an LT1997(-3) as a high-side current sense amp in a single-polarity system, up to 100+VDC.

    I modeled it in LTSpice, and am seeing unexpected results.

    The model doesn't seem to work with a single +5V supply, and gain configurations other…

  • LT1997-3 Rn、Rp Calculation


    I tried to make a circuit equation like the attached file because I didn't know what to put as Rp, Rn to verify the formula of note 9 in the data sheet.

    Vos,out=(Vos x NOSEGAIN) + Ios x 22.5K + Ib x 22.5K x (1 - Rp/Rn)

    However, the above formula…

  • RE: LT spice simulation for LT1991

    Hi Catherine,

    I found one more device LT1997-2 seems to be suitable for my application (Slew rate 0.45 - 0.75 V/uS). If I set the gain 0.3

    1. It is working fine for all input range and frequency of 10KHZ for Sine wave.

    2. I can see Overshoot and undershoot…

  • RE: 直流高压电压检测


  • RE: AD8237 output oscillates sporadically as the output voltage increases

    Hi Harry and mehran.rizi@bd.com,

    As Harry is contemplating what could be a root cause, may I recommend the following steps to further isolate the issue:

    1. Add an isolation resistor (e.g. 1k) between AD8237 output and LT1997 input to see if there is any…

  • RE: LT8330 Inverting Converter Output Current and Voltage

    Thanks for the reply and the suggestions. Those are fair guesses, however, despite my sloppy schematic: I am using a PCB layout for test hardware; I've checked for shorts/breaks/damaged components; I do have stable and working boost circuit on said hardware…

  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi Gideon,

    I moved this thread to the "CrossCore Embedded Studio and Add-ins" forum as it appears a tools related issue.

    I suspect that one of the automatic file attributes is being replaced by a macro define in the compiler generated assembly…