• LT1990 Process


    I was wondering if you could provide the process used to fab the LT1990? The reliability report was helpful but it seemed to be missing that info. 


  • LT1990


    It says isolated In data sheet. Can I put an other ground in non inverting input as a ground for feed current. How do the integrated inputs in the circuit look like ?

  • lt1990 macro model measuring 200VDC with +/-15V

    Is this correct Vout is following V-?





    below is EVB with added 49.9kohm resistor at the output.

    How shall i configure LT1990 to feed into 4.096V ADC?

  • Using difference amplifier LT1990, not having expected output

    Hi, I made a very simple circuit using LT1990, leaving pins 5 and 8 open to setup a gain = 1.

    I put REF to GND.

    I get the following strange output:

    V+ - V- = 0V, Vout = 1.8V

    V+ - V- = 1V, Vout = 2.1V

    V+ - V- = 2V, Vout = 2.4V

    V+ - V- = 3V, Vout = 2.8…

  • LT1990 macromodel not being accurate

    After struggling a while on my +-25V current sensing circuit which uses an LT1990 for such purpose, I realize that the NMOS proposed on the datasheet for boosting the closed loop gain from x1 to x10 were affecting the behaviour of my circuit.

    I found…

  • LT1990 50Hz pickup

    I am using the LT1990 as a bi-directional current sense amplifier. The power rails are +/-3v3.

    Circuit attached.

    The I_Sense+/- connections go to two 4mm banana plugs. The these then have two wires (about 30cm in length) which connect to the device…

  • RE: LT1990 for Gain 10 application

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  • RE: 直流高压电压检测


  • RE: Need to separate wide Bandwidth AC signal from DC power signal using AMP

    Hi Jatin,

    I assume that you cannot (corrected 1/20/20) use an AC coupling capacitor to block the large DC offset and just get the AC across? Presumably because DC information is included in the signal?

    Depending on how much CM rejection you need, here…

  • RE: Is the AD629 the op-amp with the best common mode rejection?

    Thanks for the answer,

    Basically I have 3 choices: the AD629, the TI component INA149 and the LT op-amp LT1990.

    In the past I used exclusively the AD629 and probably will continue to use it.

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