• LT1963A ESD rating

    I would like to request for the ESD rating of the LT1963A. This information is not available in the datasheet.

  • LT1963A: How can the NC pin be connected.


    I am using the LT1963AES8 in a design and wanted to know how the NC pin can be connected.  I would like to connect the NC pin to GND instead of leaving it floating.  For clarity, is it disconnected in the package so it can be connected anyway on…

  • LT1963A thermal resistance from junction to case.

    Hi all,


    Please tell me the thermal resistance(theta jc) of the following parts.


    1)  LT1963AEST-3.3#PBF





  • LT1963A IN Pin Voltage range


    I would like tell me . Why LT1963A IN Pin voltage range is -20V- +20V? 

    Does this mean that IN pin be able to be supply +40V when GND pin is 0V?

    I want to build 24V in 18V Out circuit, can I use LT1963A?

  • LT1963A


    I would like to know the minimum and maximum input voltage for LT1963AEST-2.5#PBF. Is there someone who can help me?


  • LT1963A transient response data


    Regarding Data sheet of LT1963A, we can see the transient response waveform about Vo=1.2V, 2.5V and 5V. Our customer wants to see in addition Vo=1.8V and 3.3V. If you have the waveforms, please let me know.

    Do you have the recommendation value of the…

  • Difference between LT1963A and LT1963 ?

    Hi there,

    What is the difference between LT1963A and LT1963 ? Thanks!

  • Pass element LT1764A and LT1963A


    I would like to know what is the pass-element (NMOS, PMOS, PNP or NPN) of the LT1764A and LT1963A. Is anybody can help me?


  • Mosfet switch control for shdn pin of LT963A

    I wanted to control the shdn pin of the power supply IC LT1963A . My input to the IC is 12v and output is 5v . The shdn pin control comes from the fpga of voltage 3.3 via signal isolator(output current AVG 10mA) .

    How should I select the npn mosfet for…

  • LT1963 / LT3015


    I would like to know if there is a maximum limit to the bypass capacitor (CFF).

    In my simulator it also plays a role in the output impedance (low frequencies), I came up to 47µF !

    The LT3015 Data sheet says : CFF ≥ 10 nF/100µA • IFB-DIVI…