• LT1963

    您好,怎么运算Transient Response,小负载切大负载时,输出电压掉电幅值,可以用公式表示出来吗?

  • LT1963 / LT3015


    I would like to know if there is a maximum limit to the bypass capacitor (CFF).

    In my simulator it also plays a role in the output impedance (low frequencies), I came up to 47µF !

    The LT3015 Data sheet says : CFF ≥ 10 nF/100µA • IFB-DIVI…

  • Difference between LT1963A and LT1963 ?

    Hi there,

    What is the difference between LT1963A and LT1963 ? Thanks!

  • RE: LT3083 as current booster

    You can use any LDO you like to replace the LT1963-3.3.  The 33k is just a 1mA preload as far as I can tell.  The LT1963-3.3 can supply 1.5A maximum, and the LT3083 will supply twice the LT1963-3.3 current due to the 20mOhm to 10mOhm ratio.

  • RE: AD9779A close in noise

    Hi, All!

    I have a custom board with an AD9779A. The DAC is clocked from a VCXO 80MHz AT-cut level 3-rd overtone with PLL frequency multiplication inside the DAC and a final frequency of 320MHz. For analog power, I used an LDO LT1963, which has noise below…

  • What is LT1963adj minimum input voltage with input current is smaller than 1mA

    Hello, for calculate tolerance of design , I need to know the minimum drop voltage when Iin is smaller than 1mA, accurately is 150uA or so.

  • RE: LT1963AES8-3.3

    Can you disconnect the load from LT1963? When PSW_1 is 0, are there any other circuits running in the system to make the output of LT1963 pulled to 1.4V?

  • RE: LT3081 and LT3083 Application Examples - Boosting Fixed Output Regulators

    I just tried the LT1963-3.3 + LT3083 Boosting Fixed Output Regulators application from the image in my original post above.  The circuit is also in the LT3083 datasheet.  The output regulates correctly at no load and it was not necessary to add any preload…

  • RE: Clock distribution of ultra low noise OCXO


    Thanks.  The LTC6955 is a stripped down version of the LTC6953.  We basically just disabled some circuits on the LTC6953 to make the LTC6955..  The LTC6955 will be the same or better than the LTC6953 in all cases.

    I've been meaning to look at the LT3045…

  • RE: Pass element LT1764A and LT1963A

    Both LT1764A and LT1963 use PNP as the pass element.