• LT1818 sustained differential input


    in a scenario where I want to use the LT1818 (output stage of scope differential probe) it can happen that the inputs stay at a differential voltage of about 4V for longer (when a wrong attenuation is selected or to high signal is measured). The inputs…

  • Voltage Level Shifter using Opamp Output Slew issue LT1818

    Dear Team,

    Let me explain my application.

    I have a CLK with amplitude 5V and frequency 1Mhz is coming from an Arduino Board. I have DC source with it 's voltage(Let it be VDD) varies from 1.6V to 3.6V.

    My circuit need to perform vary this Voltage…

  • RE: AN159 low noise amplifier

    ...also answering the questions below.  Thanks for the post.  I show two images below of the same hand-made fitting that mechanically converts a single-ended BNC to a differential BNC connection. 

    The LT1818s and LT6232s in the amplifier circuit you reference…

  • RE: Offset due to differential impedance?


    From the schematic, I have seen that your R1-Q2 will be your load.

    Can you share the specific amplifier you have compared with LT1818?
    For me to further check the difference in their response.

    Thanks and regards.

  • RE: What is the best op amp or in amp to dc offset a signal from cmos?


    Thank you for your recommandations.

    Actually i would like to you use AD8274 or AD8271 difference amplifier.

    Should i use buffer amplifier (like LT1818) at inputs?

  • RE: mixer driver

    Hi Enwright:

    Without knowing too much about the situation (supplies, single ended versus differential, for example), the ADA4857-1 looks like a good candidate.  It looks like it could do the 145MHz 9dBm drive in a gain of 2, and the 435MHz 3dBm drive in…

  • RE: different clock of the AD9226 has different nosie


    The AD9226 is an older ADC (released back in 1999)  that operates off of a +5 V supply.  At the time of release...............the AD8138 was the only ADC differential driver so we also showed how to use ADC when driving from a single-ended amplifier…

  • Application Note 159: Measuring 2nV/√Hz Noise and 120dB Supply Rejection on Linear Regulators

    Hello, I have some questions regarding the low noise and high PSRR circuit design described in Application Note 159, AN159: Measuring 2nV/√Hz Noise and 120dB Supply Rejection
    on Linear Regulators.

    I would like to build the circuit in figure 16 on…

  • RE: LTC2312-12 SDO MSB No toggle

    Apply 9V and GND to the indicated terminals on the DC1563A-B. This will provide all necessary DC bias (VDD, OVDD and REF) to the board. OVDD is jumper selectable between 2.5V and 3.3V. Select the correct voltage for your FPGA.

    Use shielded wires to connect…

  • RE: Replacement for ada4851-4

    A bit more information would help, such as supply voltage, closed loop gain, signal amplitude and bandwidth. From your comments I'm guessing that you want a device with an input common mode range that extends to within 1V of the positive supply. Without…