• LT1763 ??


    Looking at LT1763, if was not sure about few items eventually missing in the datasheet.

    Maybe you can clarify that or append to the existing datasheet.

    1) What is the power dissipation [mW] ?   

    After a longer time, finally I found in the very small…

  • Regarding LT1763 absolute maximum voltage rating..


    I have a situation in a circuit that for a time period of approximately lessthan 10msec linear regulator input pin of LT1763 is subjected to 25V peak or greater than 20V which is greater than its absolute maximum.

    But linear regulator is not failed…

  • LT1763-1.8 wrong output voltage


         I want to use the LT1763IS8-1.8 chip to convert +5V to 1.8V. The schematic and PCB are as follows, but in the actual circuit, the output of the 1-pin is measured by a multimeter to be 2.1V, and the +5V input is also reduced to 4.5V. Why, what should…

  • What's the difference between LT1763CS8#PBF and LT1763IS8#PBF


    I am interested in your product LT1763.

    Unfortunately i don't understand the difference between LT1763CS8#PBF and LT1763IS8#PBF.

    They have the same part marking, package description and temperature range and the datasheet doesn't give more…

  • RE: LT1763CS8-3.3#PBF does not work well under -40 temperture

    Circuits that use aluminum electrolytic capacitors may not work well at cold temperatures.  Use tantalum capacitors instead for that situation.   Demonstration circuit DC368A shows how to do the PCB layout for the LT1763.

  • RE: LT1763IS8


    to obtain 3,3V output voltage with your configuration you need to buy the fixed 3.3V version. If you install the adjustable LT1763 in your board the output will be equal the ref voltage=1.22V. Both feature different top markings

    Adjustable version…

  • RE: 发烧友不容错过丨高性能音频系统的两个关键器件






  • LTC4015 CHEM0 & CHEM1 issue

    Hi Zack.

    I am using the LTC4015 with plain satisfaction. More then 1000 boards are working and stable.

    Solved/clarified all the doubts about this and that.

    LTC4015 is working with 12 cells Lead_acid battery and in "hardware" mode (CHEM0 and CHEM1 are opened…

  • Dual LDO Linear Supplies for AD9361

    I wanted to get some clarification on how best to power these chips for a very low noise application (GPS).  I have two LT1763 regulators per AD9361 for 1.3V signals and I am trying to determine what to hook to each LT1763.  The datasheet says to hook the…

  • RE: Part validity


    See these links.

    LT1763 Product Page

    LT6202 Product Page

    LT6200 Product Page

    LT2079 Product Page

    AD7680 Product Page

    Ordering information can be found on the Sample and Buy section of the product pages.