• LT1763 ??


    Looking at LT1763, if was not sure about few items eventually missing in the datasheet.

    Maybe you can clarify that or append to the existing datasheet.

    1) What is the power dissipation [mW] ?   

    After a longer time, finally I found in the very small…

  • RE: ESD rating of LT1763

    This information will be available upon request. Customer was reached out for the info separately.

    For future request, customer may contact local ADI support FAE or sales.

  • RE: LTC2309 : ADC analog inputs sinking current!!

    For good low noise performance if VDD and Refcomp are tied together they should be driven by a low noise linear voltage regulator such as the LT1763.

  • LT1763-1.8 wrong output voltage


         I want to use the LT1763IS8-1.8 chip to convert +5V to 1.8V. The schematic and PCB are as follows, but in the actual circuit, the output of the 1-pin is measured by a multimeter to be 2.1V, and the +5V input is also reduced to 4.5V. Why, what should…

  • LT1763-33 wrong output voltage

    I have tried to use several LT1763 (5.V, 3.3V and 2.5V) and could never get them to work properly. I am using a 10nF ceramic capacitor as Bypass, a 1uF electrolytic on the input side and a 10uF electrolytic on the output side.

    Pin 2 is connected directly…

  • RE: ADL5611 Inrush current ?

    On the output and input of the regulator there are two 10uF capacity.

    The large capacity are 10uF.

    Capacitor on pin 6 of the LT1763 is 10nF. The three capacity close to the 90.9 ohm resistors are 1nF, 100nF and 100pF.

  • Regarding LT1763 absolute maximum voltage rating..


    I have a situation in a circuit that for a time period of approximately lessthan 10msec linear regulator input pin of LT1763 is subjected to 25V peak or greater than 20V which is greater than its absolute maximum.

    But linear regulator is not failed…

  • RE: Part validity


    See these links.

    LT1763 Product Page

    LT6202 Product Page

    LT6200 Product Page

    LT2079 Product Page

    AD7680 Product Page

    Ordering information can be found on the Sample and Buy section of the product pages.


  • RE: LTC2500-32

    You do not say what voltages you have available. If you already have something like +/-12V supplies, you can use the LT1763 to generate the +8V supply and the LT1964 to generate the -3V supply. These are both adjustable output low noise voltage regulators…