• CBYP of LT1763


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer evaluates LT1763-1.8 and LT1763-3.3. They uses 0.22uF as CBYP. But my understand is max 0.01uF. When the 0.22uF is used, are there any problems?



  • LT1763

    Hi Sir ,

    i am AMARA from Renault group.

    We design a new boart to convert 12V to 3.3V and i use LT1763IS8.

    In our board we have 4 layer top +bottom gnd +power 3.3V.

    So when i put the bord in power i have 1.22V in output voltage of LT1763IS8.

    I don't now…

  • About the current limiting function of LT1763


    Is the current limiting function of LT1763 Fold Back Characteristic?

    Or is it held with a fixed current limit?



  • LT1763 Supply Current


    I want to learn about supply current. I didn't find in datasheet.

  • LT1763 technolgy


    what's the technlogy of the lt1763 die  : bipolar , CMOS ..


  • LT1763 wrong output voltage in low temperature


    We make design with the LT1763 to output 5V with 250mA.

    We enter the the card to oven to check the functionality in high and low temperature.

    In this test we measured the voltage in two places

    1) In the card with A/D (accurate measured)

    2) With…

  • LT1763-33 wrong output voltage

    I have tried to use several LT1763 (5.V, 3.3V and 2.5V) and could never get them to work properly. I am using a 10nF ceramic capacitor as Bypass, a 1uF electrolytic on the input side and a 10uF electrolytic on the output side.

    Pin 2 is connected directly…

  • ESD rating of LT1763

    What is the ESD rating of the LT1763? I couldn't find it anywhere on the site.

  • LT1763 ??


    Looking at LT1763, if was not sure about few items eventually missing in the datasheet.

    Maybe you can clarify that or append to the existing datasheet.

    1) What is the power dissipation [mW] ?   

    After a longer time, finally I found in the very small…

  • Regarding LT1763 absolute maximum voltage rating..


    I have a situation in a circuit that for a time period of approximately lessthan 10msec linear regulator input pin of LT1763 is subjected to 25V peak or greater than 20V which is greater than its absolute maximum.

    But linear regulator is not failed…