• LT1513 shutdown problem

    I'm a DFAE in JAPAN.

    My customer reported me as follows. what is the cause of this problem?

    VIN=5V, VBAT=16V. During CC charging, even if he S/S drive to Low, VSW keep switching.(IFB is around 0V)

    I think VSW should stop switching.

  • LT1513 Short Circuit

    Hi Everyone,

    As part of a project with battery management, I use the LT1513 component to manage the charge of my battery.

    But I have a problem with the charging current.

    My battery is a Li-Ion with a charging voltage of 12.6V and a standard charging…

  • LT1513

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a problem with LT1513. I made prototype for charging 4S LiIon batteries - full charge voltage16.8V, but without any load at output, the idle voltage is just about 10.6V. The divider for vtg loop is made by 2.7k and 33k (calculated…

  • The SW waveform of LT1513


        I have a problem for LT1513.I made prototype for charging 3S LiIon batteries - full charge voltage12.6V,and i set charge current is 0.5A with 200mohm,and other parameters is reference to the datasheet of LT1513.(L1 is 10uH,C2 is 4.7uF an so on)when…

  • LT1513 - Stability Issue

    I am analyzing another engineer's battery charging circuit using the LT1513 which intermittently draws current from the source (4A) to the battery when not enabled and also occasionally indicates it is  charging when it is not connected to a source…

  • LT1513 Charge current (problems)

    Здравствуйте. Я являюсь разработчиком систем заряда Li аккумуляторов. В своих разработках я использовал микросхему LT1513 (рисунок 1).  

    При заряде Li аккумулятора напряжением 4,2 V, максимальный ток заряда достигает 500 мА, хотя по документации должен…

  • Date code decoding

    Will you help us to define the date code for

    please see attach file

  • RE: USB battery charger for 8.4v battery


    I think  ltc4020 & lt1513 are a good fit on what you are looking for 


  • LT1510/LT1511/LT1512 Battery charger IC

    1. Can we create a PV based battery charger using LT1510/LT1511/LT1513? The input voltage will be connected to a PV panel of appropriate spec. Is there any additional thing to be taken cared of?

    LT1510 is a current mode PWM step- down switcher where the…

  • Switched mode Battery Charger CC/CV operation


    Shown below is the internal block diagram of a switched mode battery charger IC (LT1510). The LT1510 is a current mode, PWM (pulse-width modulated), positive buck switcher that operates in one of two states: constant current or constant voltage.