• RE: about Evaluation board for ADF4360-9

    Hi Leo,

    The evaluation board photograph given is User Guide is for ADF4360-0 to ADF4360-7 series. ADF4360-8 and ADF4360-9 uses different board. You can find a photo of ADF4360-8/-9 board which have footprint for the comparator and SMA connector on MUXOUT…

  • ADF4360-9

    How do we come to know that whether the synthesiser ADf4360-9 has been programmed properly or not...

  • About the board size and screw size of EVAL-ADRV9008/9

    Hello, I'd like to know about the board size and screw size for the board of EVAL-ADRV9008/9. Could you please advise me the size of it? Regards, Grayellow.

  • AD9144 figure 9


    A customer brought the following to my attention and I was hoping you could offer some clarification.  It is concerning AD9144 datasheet: Figure 9, Two-Tone Third IMD (IMD3)versus Fout (983).and The TWO-TONE INTERMODULATION DISTORTION (IMD). For…

  • ADF4360-9 questions

    1. What is the reason for the 470 Ohms across the inductors on pin 9 and 10?
    2. What is the voltage levels on these resistors (need to know power dissipation to size them correctly).
    3. What is the output impedance of pin 20 (divout)
  • ADF4360-9 interferences

    Hello  I am using a ADF4360-9 with:

    Fref: 10MHz

    Fout: 146.2853 MHz

    Fcomp: 285.714kHz

    I have a big interference in the frequency = Fout ± Fcomp.

    I am using the PLL loop adisim suggest me, i have isolated the power pins , I used the output pin the…

  • ADF4360-9 Harmonics

    Using the ADF4360-9 to produce output frequencies in the range of 70MHz to 90MHz.  Using both outputs, but using them singled ended (kind of a dual output), but both outputs are driving 50 ohm impedance.  Using a 150nH inductor to bias up the RFout, instead…

  • VisualDSP++ Update 9

    1) Is there any rumors about new update and its content?

    2) What about updating LWIP port for Blackfin in upcoming update patch?

    I still have KEEP_ALIVE Tcp option not working and UDP broadcasting problems.

    Thanks in advance, Paul Gaganoff

  • ADF4360 -9  Characteristic Question

    Does anybody know about the Phase Comparator of ADF4360-9

    -     gain? "Kd"

    -     Maximum amplitud of detection? "A"

    and about the VCO of ADF4360-9

    - free oscilation frequency?" Ff"