• Q. Data loss degree according to LT1328 mode


    As a customer mass-produces the product, the LT1328 IC encountered a communication problem.

    The number of ICs with communication problems is not small.

    Customers want to know the degree of data loss according to the LT1328 mode.

    ( LT1328 mode:…

  • Q. LT1328, There is no Tx signal, but there is an Rx signal.


    I received the following guide through EZ.


    The LT1328 has high and varying sensitivity.  Sometimes the sensitivity is so high that thermal noise triggers its input beyond the offset, causing spurious output response.

    To reduce the sensitivity…

  • Q. LT1328 related issues / There is no Tx signal, but there is an Rx signal.


    There is no Tx signal, but the signal is found at Rx of the LT1328. (IC pin5)

    Below is the Rx signal.

      --> ZOOM+ --> 

    It was solved when I replaced it with an IC purchased in 2019.

    It is speculation, but the gain of the IC seems to have increased…

  • Problems with LT1328: IrDA Receiver


    I want to perform Irda communications to 4 Mbps. For this purpose I have followed the design of the DC112A evaluation board, that implement the photodiode receiver LT1328. 

    I have used the same photodiode of the evaluation board: BPV22NF (filter…

  • LT1328 the waveform by changing the distance ,Transmitted input(TX) and LT1328 output(RX) waveform

    LT1328 Questions.xlsx

    Dear , all.


    I started to develop the IrDA SIR/FIR Communication module(board) with LT1328.


    I am studying to understand LT1328 before designing.


    So, I checked Transmitted input(TX) and LT1328 output(RX) waveform

    by changing the…

  • LT1328 Ith Variation


    My customer is considering LT1 328 and received a question.
    It seems that there are times when it is impossible to communicate by communication distance because of individual differences.

    #1  Is the min and max values of Ith of LT1328 specified?

  • Usigng the LT1328 IrDA IC for creating an IR S/PDIF link?

    Is it doable? The idea is to send S/PDIF (1.5mb/s, manchester, music) over a few meters to a pair of surround speakers and with a minimum amount of latency. I am using the suggested circuit in Fig 5 of the datasheet, but with a C4 of 470pF. Transmitter…

  • LT1328 Pulse Position Modulation


    My customers are considering using LT1328.
    So I got a question.

    This is about the Input pulse when communicating at 4 Mbps.

    # 1   In the image of the oscilloscope shown in Fig. 4, "10"(DATA BIT PAIR) appears for input "1000"(4ppm DATA…

  • About LT1328 C4(Filter) capacitor


    My customers are considering LT1328.
    I got a question there.

    It seems that there was a case where it was not possible to communicate in FIR mode in case of short distance (about 1 cm).

    Therefore, when changing from C4 (capacitor of data sheet block…

  • Issue with LT1328 LTSpice simulation--suspect issue in model

    When I simulate the LT1328, I see results that don't make sense. The Vbias pin seems to have a low frequency oscillation, rather than being at 1.5 volts.  This causes the output to be high when VBias goes high.  The output resumes toggling when Vbias…