• Is there any noise data available for the LT1185?


    Is there any noise data available for the LT1185?

    A noise spectral density plot would be nice.


  • 使用LT1185产生-15V负电压

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  • RE: LT1185输出电容使用

    My guess is that it will be easy for your circuit to meet the minimum ESR requirement if your output capacitors are relatively large compared to the LT1185 datasheet values.  The LT1185 datasheet was written a long time ago and my guess is that at that…

  • Request for a review on the design of a positive and negative output power circuit using two LT1185 elements.

    Dear sir or madam

    I would like to inquire about the design of the LT1185 device.
    As shown in the diagram I attached below, I currently have two LT1185s and are designing a circuit for positive output and negative output power.
    The design of a positive output…

  • LT1185 positive output regulator with floating input

    Dear sir or madam

    I'm confused about how to design a positive output with LT1185 as it mentioned in its datasheet .

    I've already had a DCDC ,(LTM4622A), which generates both 8.5V(adjustable) and 3.5V(adjustable) . Now , I'm going to insert a LDO…

  • RH1185 Spice Model


    Is there a spice model for the RH1185AMK? If not, is the LT1185 model  an adequate surrogate.

    Thank you.

  • LDO芯片3080-1的使用问题

    1),LDO芯片 LT3080和LT3080-1有什么区别么(请简单说一下)?可以直接替换么?
    2),附件中我的电路图中的LT3080-1部分的画的正确么?(感觉电路图是正确的,可为什么得不到正确有电压值呢?!) PDF
  • PSSR Ratios of Following Devices

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    I'm an electrican engineering student and working on a PSU at the moment. It's gonna be used on the electrical music instruments. So i need to eleminate all the noise and ripple at the output as much as possible. After switching sources…

  • AD9252 linearity problem

    I have a question regarding the linearity of the AD9252. I am using a system that contains 32 ADC channels using the 4 off AD9252 devices. I find that I obtain the data sheet figures for INL if I drive only a single input channel of the AD9252. However…