• LT1028 Phase Margin

    I'm simulating the open loop gain/phase for an LT1028 and my result differs from the datasheet at Av=1.  I get a phase margin of almost 45 degrees and as it is not unity gain stable  it should be closer to 0 degrees per the figure on page 8 of the datasheet…

  • Thermal Characteristics for LT1115 & LT1028


    We're planning to use one of the two ICs mentioned above, powering it at +-18V. However, at these voltages the IC power dissipation can't be neglected anymore.

    In the datasheets I can't find the junction to case thermal resistance, nor…

  • LT1028

    请问LT1028 这里的at 10Hz 是指频率是10Hz的噪声吗,这幅图是仿真得到的结果吗?


  • Problem about the supply of LT1028

    Hi everyone ,

    These days I read from some paper , I decide to select LT1028 as preamplifier to build a signal condition circuit . 

    I build the circuit confer from datasheet 

    The supply should be a double chanel linear power supply (I couldn't find it in fritzing…

  • LT1028


  • LT1028 phase margin

    Hi Support team.

    I simulated the LT1028 phase margin (see attached file).
    Result was different from the datasheet p.8 diagram.
    Which is the correct characteristic?
    Please tell me the reason why SIM and diagram are different.


    Best regards…

  • LT1028 Current Noise - Differential - Common Mode


    In the LT1028 datasheet there are figures with spectral densities of input voltage noise and input current noise.
    Unfortunately it is not mentioned if the current noise spectral density graph shows the differential noise current or the common mode…

  • LT1028


    I have been using your company's LT1028MJ8 IC for 20 years now.
    After 20 years of using it, I am going to replace it with a new one, but it is not available in Korea.
    The one available in our country is LT1028CN8 IC, which is not compatible with…

  • LT1028 or LT1128 - LTspice models with Compensation Pin?

    Are there any LTspice models for the LT1028 or LT1128 that have the compensation pin?

    Or is there any other way to simulate this? Maybe there is a parameter that can be added?

  • LT1028运放线性工作区大致在什么范围呢?