• LM317 model

    When I try to pull up the LM317 ltspice provides LM308.


  • LM317 heat during operation

    I constructed a power supply that steps down a 12v dc to ~3 to 3.2v dc.

    Resistors are 1/2 watt

    load: EL wire and driver
    load current: 0.18A
    load voltage: 3.2V

    Regulator current: 0.19A (with load)
    Vin = 12.7v (full charged lead acid battery)
    Vout = 3.2v


  • RE: AD5242 used as varying resistor with LM317 to get analog voltage

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  • Problem with ADG1606BRUZ current sourcing of 100mA


    i designed a precesion resistance measurement system using 100mA Constant current source.I used ADG1606BRUZ for channel switching.In my design i have 4 current source and 4 ADG1606BRUZ for 64 resistance measurement. ADG1606BRUZ is not providing 100mA…

  • The LT1943 will heat up and burn out when connect a 180mA load(Capacitive sensor).

    Hi Sirs!

      When I used LT1943  to provide 3.3V(less than 100mA), +15V(< 50mA),-15V(<50mA),+24V(Imax < 200mA, Istable < 20mA ). Below is the SCH of LT1943。

    1. It works correctlly when no load on VCC24( Out of SW2). all the power out is in  right…

  • LT3032

    Is it possible to use LT3032 in a floating design similar to LM317 and LM337 by using diodes? I need low current, low noise positive/negative voltage regulators which can work around 55V-60V region (both positive and negative inputs.)

  • Frontend of LT3042/45

    According to figure 11 in the article here below;


    If switching power supply is do close to LT3042/45 regulator, adding or increasing input capacitor degrades the performance…

  • Problem using a LTC3260 to power an AD7124-8


    I'm using a LTC3260 with a 5V input and ±1.8V output to give power to an AD7124-8. When I use a linear power supply with the pair LM317/LM337 there are no problem, but since I use the LTC3260 the values obtained from de ADC are erratic (it gives any…

  • RE: LT3083 current / load sharing

    I hope you all at Analog Devices are safe and sound.

    I build up a small test-setup to measure the resistance of a  TO-220 pin.
    In lack of a LT3083, I used an LM317 and forced one Amp through its out-pin. Using a volt-meter and a bit of math, I found out…

  • LTC4015 CHEM0 & CHEM1 issue

    Hi Zack.

    I am using the LTC4015 with plain satisfaction. More then 1000 boards are working and stable.

    Solved/clarified all the doubts about this and that.

    LTC4015 is working with 12 cells Lead_acid battery and in "hardware" mode (CHEM0 and CHEM1 are opened…