• LM317 heat during operation

    I constructed a power supply that steps down a 12v dc to ~3 to 3.2v dc.

    Resistors are 1/2 watt

    load: EL wire and driver
    load current: 0.18A
    load voltage: 3.2V

    Regulator current: 0.19A (with load)
    Vin = 12.7v (full charged lead acid battery)
    Vout = 3.2v


  • AD5242 used as varying resistor with LM317 to get analog voltage

    I am trying to get analog voltage with AD5242 and LM317. I get both the ICs working seperately but when I use the resistor value I created with AD5242 on the LM317, it doesn't work as expected. I increase the resistor value step by step from 100R to 10K…

  • RE: ADM660 input switching noise

    Whilst my area is really inductor based power supplies, I thought you may be interested in the article here: http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/regulators2_impedance1_e.html  This looks at the impedance of the LM317 across frequency and the anecdote at the…

  • RE: Voice modulation on 24V DC

    Radovan -- I'm glad it works with load, hope your final board does fine.

    David -- The LM317 would be nearly as efficient -- 6 volts drop out of 30 works out to 80 % vs. 90 % for the switching regulator.  I'm wondering if the ADP2442 would better handle…

  • LT3032

    Is it possible to use LT3032 in a floating design similar to LM317 and LM337 by using diodes? I need low current, low noise positive/negative voltage regulators which can work around 55V-60V region (both positive and negative inputs.)

  • RE: ADM7150 increase output voltage

    If you really need low noise (<2uVrms or even <20uVrms) then the LM317 will not be able to achieve that.

    Most LM317 have noise levels of 50-100 times per volt or 1000x the noise if you are trying to generate 12V.

    Could you use the ADP7118 or ADP7142…

  • RE: LTC 3705 auxiliary supply - lockup on startup

    Thanks. The 12V is coming from an LM317 regulator. The answer to "when" depends on the rise time of the input 24V feeding both the lm317 and the LTC3705. I agree that it was a dumb decision to not use the standard MOSFET solution on this board. The problem…

  • RE: AD8277/AD8276 overvoltage/max input current


    The complete design is to big to add and we can not share is. Here is a screenshot of the device. They are powered by LM317/LM337 regulators which are powered by a switcher (Traco TEN 5-2423). Chip decoupling 100nF//10uF.

    The input current when…

  • RE: AD9958: No output

    Hello Anne,

    I use the original SPI-library from Arduino. I have attached my source code. If I select both channels, CFTW0 is not written correctly. Otherwise if I select only one channel, it's correct. Nevertheless there is no output in both configurations…

  • The LT1943 will heat up and burn out when connect a 180mA load(Capacitive sensor).

    Hi Sirs!

      When I used LT1943  to provide 3.3V(less than 100mA), +15V(< 50mA),-15V(<50mA),+24V(Imax < 200mA, Istable < 20mA ). Below is the SCH of LT1943。

    1. It works correctlly when no load on VCC24( Out of SW2). all the power out is in  right…