• HMCAD1511 HMCAD1520 not recommend for new design

    dear sir,

    I found HMCAD1511 HMCAD1520 became “not recommend for new design” status, is there any replacement?

    Will these two parts be end of life soon??

    We just design a new product with HMCAD1511, we are very concerned about this status. 

  • RE: EVAL01-HMCAD1511 / EVAL01-HMCAD1520 clocking

    Hi Bruno,

    The alternative Clocking scheme from the SP601 FPGA brd was never fully productized and is no longer supported/referenced in the updated HMCAD15xx Eval User Guide located here: https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/hmcad15xx

    Best Regards,

  • HMCAD1520 SP605 bit/mcs file


    The EasyStack software distributed with the HMCAD1520 includes the SP605 in its list of supported FPGA evaluation boards and it is discussed in the documentation, but the SP605 mcs/bit file is missing in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hittite Microwave…

  • RE: HMCAD1520 precision mode interleaving

    There are 8 internal ADC branches inside the HMCAD1520. The ADC branch configurations and LVDS output modes supported for the various channel modes are described as on d/s pg 0-17, 0-23, & 0-32.

     1. Single Lane output is available in precision mode…

  • RE: HMCAD1520 how to turn on RSDS


    Table 20 contains a typo in the bit field order/value for 1.5mA (RSDS). The correct bit field value is 010.

    Best Regards,


  • RE: Hello. How do I use SP601 HMCAD1520 SMA trigger input? to make an external triggered measurement.

    Hi Tony,

    The above URL address is linked to this QA and not the HMCAD15xx SP601 Source Code. Could you please provide the FPGA Example source code?



  • HMCAD1520 internal divider


    Where is master reset for internal divider HMCAD1520? Or how to start  several (4 ADC chips) HMCAD1520 at one phase?

    Thank you

  • HMCAD1520 no allowed to be sold in or shipped to China?

    My name is Henry and I’m from Radar Portal System Pty Ltd located in AUS.

    I currently issue with integrating Hittite ADC HMCAD1520 in china.

    Design are done in Australia and integration of our product are done in china but end product will be sold in…

  • I/O Voltage Level EVAL01-HMCAD1520 and SP601

    Hi I was studying EVAL01-HMCAD1520 and PicoZed + Carrier Board.

    I found that FMC on PicoZed contain 1.8V Bank I/O's. But on EVAL01-HMCAD1520 contains current sensor and potentiometer which works on 3.3V. This voltage difference is not good for Zynq on…

  • HMCAD1520


    I have a couple of questions about the EKIT01-HMCAD1520. More specifically,

    about the daughter card that holds the HMCAD1520.

    1. Is it known if the daughter card is compatible with other Xilinx demo boards

    besides the SP601. I’m interested…