• HMCAD1511/1520 input protection

    Hi all,

    HMCAD1511/1520 input should be in the range 0V-2V, with an absolute rating -0.3V-2-3V according to datasheet.

    Is there any clamping achieved in chip, or should we implement it with discrete components? If so, do you have any advises schematic…

  • HMCAD1511 dual-channel operation

    Hi - In dual-channel operation, can the HMCAD1511 run directly off a 500MHz input clock for two-channels at 500MSPS? Or is the maximum sampling rate 250MSPS in this configuration?

    For example: with 500MHz input clock, is clk_divide =1 and operating_mode…

  • HMCAD1511 with CML clock

    I'm considering using the CML output of an LTC6952 to clock the HMCAD1511. Would this work?



  • EVAL01-HMCAD1511 board interfacing

    We acquired a EVAL01-HMCAD1511 board. I am wondering if the only FPGA that could be used to interface it is the  Xilinx SP601. We have actually a ZebBoard  and ZC706, would one of them be suited?

  • EVAL01-HMCAD1511 schematic clarity

    We are trying to build an interface board for an EVAL01-HMCAD1511 we have received.  However we cannot read the schematic clearly in this document:


  • HMCAD1511 test pattern has negated bit

    New PCB board with HMCAD1511 connected via FMC HPC connector to UltraScale+ FPGA.
    Test and verification of new HW starts with a lot of variables in working equation.

    Setting HMCAD1511 test pattern to 0x00 and 0xff to verify LVDS communication with…

  • HMCAD1511 带宽 bandwidth





  • EVAL01-HMCAD1511 / EVAL01-HMCAD1520 clocking

    Hi all,

    I am working with an EKIT01-HMCAD1511, and I would like to generate the ADC clock from somewhere else than the SMA clock input.

    In the document I have about the EVAL01-HMCAD1511 https://www.mouser.ch/datasheet/2/609/hardware-users-guide-140-00036…

  • Eval01-HMCAD1511 Bill Of Materials

    Hi everybody,

    i am a little bit in trouble with the HMCAD1511 evaluation board. I am using this board connected to my Zedboard and i want to generate the 1GHz sampling clock on board.

    Since the Zedboard i have is not capable of creating such signal, …

  • HMCAD1511 HMCAD1520 not recommend for new design

    dear sir,

    I found HMCAD1511 HMCAD1520 became “not recommend for new design” status, is there any replacement?

    Will these two parts be end of life soon??

    We just design a new product with HMCAD1511, we are very concerned about this status.