• Ask questions about HMCAD1511 and AD9094


    1. When HMCAD1511 used as single channel mode, its maximum sample rate can be up to 1Gsps. If paralleling two HMCAD1511 together, is it possible to achieve 2Gsps? If possible, would you please promote a reference circuit?

    2. For AD9094, there are…

  • HMCAD1511

    Dear SIr/Madam,

    Configurating the HMCAD1511 1GSPS single channel,  Ladder wave test mode, ADC decode out of the eight LVDS lines;  five channels are normal, another 3-channel are abnormal

    normal wave   

    abnormal wave

    Could you please help clarify…

  • HMCAD1511 Application Issue

    There's  a Full-Scale issue in HMCAD1511, in actually if use up to over ±0.5V analog input(such as input ±0.8V), the ADC's code read out is 'FF'. But the customer read it out is not 'FF'. Does there any influence about the Fullscale register setting…

  • HMCAD1511 bandwidth

    Dear SIr/Madam,

    i found the bandwidth of HMCad1511 is 650MHz from datasheet.

    but the input capacitor of HMCAD1511 is 11pf when use one channel mode, so if the circuit impedance is 100Ω, then the bandwidth is about 200MHz, am i right?

    thanks in …

  • HMCAD1511 IBIS

    Dear Sir,

    If possible to provide the IBIS model of HMCAD1511 for PCB simulation ?


  • HMCAD1511 Characteristics

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I cannot get the ENOB/SINAD VS input frequency characteristic of HMCAD1511, could you help to tell me the related information?

    I hope to know the ENOB or SINAD when the input signal frequency is 300MHz.

    Thanks in advance

  • HMCAD1511 BOM

    Hi, I was wondering if i could receive a BOM for the evaluation module of the HMCAD1511? I also wanted to ask if we could solder the missing PLL, capacitors, and resistors to generate a 1GHz clock and if so, which resistors and capacitors need to be soldered…

  • HMCAD1511 dual-channel operation

    Hi - In dual-channel operation, can the HMCAD1511 run directly off a 500MHz input clock for two-channels at 500MSPS? Or is the maximum sampling rate 250MSPS in this configuration?

    For example: with 500MHz input clock, is clk_divide =1 and operating_mode…

  • HMCAD1511 带宽


  • HMCAD1511 and SP605


    I purchased a HMCAD1511 board and wanted to evaluate it on a third-party XILINX SP605 development board.

    But I only found hmc1520_sp601_rev118.mcs in the installation directory of the Easy suite,how can I get the mcs file for the SP605 board? and…