• HMCAD1511 setup and hold times

    I'm interfacing the above device to an Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA.

    Looking through the HMCAD1511 datasheet i cannot find any information on the setup and hold times with regards the LVDS output, this is needed for clock uncertainty.

    Is there anymore…

  • Ask questions about HMCAD1511 and AD9094


    1. When HMCAD1511 used as single channel mode, its maximum sample rate can be up to 1Gsps. If paralleling two HMCAD1511 together, is it possible to achieve 2Gsps? If possible, would you please promote a reference circuit?

    2. For AD9094, there are…

  • RE: HMCAD1511 Application Issue


    You're correct, the fs_ctrl registers finely adjusts the full-scale range for the analog inputs. The default full-scale range is 2Vpp. Therefore, an fs_ctrl<5:0>:00000 will correspond to 90% of the default full scale range, which is 1.8Vpp.…

  • HMCAD1511 dual-channel operation

    Hi - In dual-channel operation, can the HMCAD1511 run directly off a 500MHz input clock for two-channels at 500MSPS? Or is the maximum sampling rate 250MSPS in this configuration?

    For example: with 500MHz input clock, is clk_divide =1 and operating_mode…

  • RE: HMCAD1511‘s output data synchronized with trig solution


    HMCAD1511 doesn't support trigger synchronization on-chip. You would need to perform the synchronization on the FPGA/ASIC side.



  • RE: How should I properly terminate an unused input on the HMCAD1511?


    For better isolation, short the _P and _N pins of each analog input pair together. Place a 0.1uF capacitor to ground and connect the node to the Vcm pin of the HMCAD1511 with a 1k resistor.



  • HMCAD1511 HMCAD1520 not recommend for new design

    dear sir,

    I found HMCAD1511 HMCAD1520 became “not recommend for new design” status, is there any replacement?

    Will these two parts be end of life soon??

    We just design a new product with HMCAD1511, we are very concerned about this status. 

  • RE: hmcad1511 evaluation popup window shows a deprecated version of the firmware were detected


    Did you purchase the eval kit for the hmcad1511, which includes the SP601? The eval kit comes with a CD installer for XIlinx ISE software.



  • HMCAD1511/1520 input protection

    Hi all,

    HMCAD1511/1520 input should be in the range 0V-2V, with an absolute rating -0.3V-2-3V according to datasheet.

    Is there any clamping achieved in chip, or should we implement it with discrete components? If so, do you have any advises schematic…

  • HMCAD1511 and SP605


    I purchased a HMCAD1511 board and wanted to evaluate it on a third-party XILINX SP605 development board.

    But I only found hmc1520_sp601_rev118.mcs in the installation directory of the Easy suite,how can I get the mcs file for the SP605 board? and…