• ERROR: 40: TALISE_gpIntHandler(): DeframerA reports error


    Upon initialization of my custom FHM script I'm seeing the following error:

    [ 3022.505317] adrv9009 spi1.1: adrv9009_sysref_req: failed (-19)
    [ 3022.512983] adrv9009 spi1.0: ERROR: 40: TALISE_gpIntHandler(): DeframerA reports error
    [ 3022.522936…

  • using AD8604  below -40°C

    Hi, im using this OPAMP now for a long time and feel very well with the quality.
    Now in have to use my special ciruit on temperatures up to -55°C/+55°C

    I know, this OPAMP works well (ive tested up to -60°C),

    but my request is for usage up to -55°C on…

  • AD9649-40 VCM output delay


    Dose VCM output of the AD9649 have a delay from AVDD Power-up?

    In datasheet of internal circuits of VCM output. I watch it but I don't know.

    Best regards

  • Does AD9364 support 40 MHz bandwidth ?

         We have developed a communication system using AD9364  for different data rates with 64-QAM modulation. The bandwidth of the RF signal (including roll-off bandwidth) with the respect to different rates are 3.5 MHz, 9.5 MHz and 27.5 MHz. As we are talking…

  • LTC5577 Performance with 40-80MHz IF

    The LTC5577 IF gain seems to have a lot of ripple, looking at the datasheet figure 11.

    What is the expected ripple and gain when using a 40-80MHz IF (with, say RF: 1500-4500MHz)?

  • Default configuration AD9212-40 without SPI

    Good day.

    I use AD9212-40 and don't want to configure it by myself, because the default settings suits me. Thus the FPGA, which control pins CSB, SCLK and SDIO connect them to VCC (CSB pin) or GND (SCLK and SDIO pins). I understand correctly, that…

  • My AD9257BCPZ-40 cannot work properly

    I can get the correct testcode 0x2000 from A channel output in Testcode mode.But it always be 0x2000 in normal Offset binary mode or 0x0000 in normal Twos complement mode.

    I am sure the wave of differential input in A channel is correct(I get the signal…

  • Generation of sinusoidal signal at 40 GHz


    Does someone knows if it is possible to obtain a sinusoidal signal of up to 40 GHz by using maybe a combination of DDS and PLL? or is there any other better approach?


  • (ADV748x)Why do output shift 40 pixel?

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADV7480.


    At Hardware manual, this is written.

    "The picture gets shifted by equal number of clocks as the hsync width. 
    For example, the hsync width is 40 clock cycles for 720p, so the picture would get shifted…

  • ADA4937 small band spec at -40 degreee

    Hi there,

    I have a question about small signal Frequency.

    This spec is defined as Ta=25℃ and also there are some figure like Fig13. 

    Do you have a data or figure measured at -40 degree?

    Looking at large signal frequency at Fig12, it mention -40 degree…