• 2011-10-20 06:40:40     undefined reference to `Ret_Add'

    2011-10-20 06:40:40     undefined reference to `Ret_Add'

    william pagnon (AUSTRALIA)

    Message: 104043   


    I don't know where this linking error come from:


    bfin-elf-gcc -g -mcpu=bf561 -mmulticore -mcoreb -mlong-calls -Wall -save-temps …

  • AD9272BSVZ-40


    I´m using the High speed ADC  "AD9272BSVZ-40", i want to know if it´s possible to use a clock oscillator of 50 MHz , or the maximum frequency of the clock oscillator has to be 40 MHz.

  • 40 bits accumulator


    How can I use Blackfin 40 bits accumulator.

    Can I use it in C, or must I use assembler.


  • 10 W (40 dBm) power output amplifiers in 1-20 MHz band


    We are looking for amplifiers in 1-20 MHz band to output 10 W, we have found 2 such amplifiers in a close range– HMC8500 and HMC1099; they both operate in the  0.01-1.1 GHz range. We were wondering if the amplifier can operate below 10 MHz…

  • AD9237-40 power consumption


    We check power consumption of AD9237-40 both power scaling enable and disable .
    Datasheet figure 43 and 44 describle only power consumption by 10MSPS at power scaling disable and enable.
    Please let me knoe about power consumption when we use  AD9237…

  • Push/Pop 40-Bit registers


    I try to find a good way to save and restore 40-Bit register values (floating point in f0-f15) during an interrupt service routine.

    My audio calculations are done in 40-Bit floating point, my SPI communicates with a microcontroller.

    The SPI end…

  • 40 bit float in VDSP++

    VisualDSP++ 5.0 C/C++ Compiler Manual for SHARC Processors describe why 40 bit operation is absent.

    I want to debate about this.

    As datasheet is written:

    Problem 1

    Where possible, the compiler will attempt to perform constant folding (the simplification…

  • 40-bit floating point ADSP21489


    I am working on the ADSP21489 EZ-Kit.

    The datasheet says that this processor is capable of working not only with 32-bit floating point formats but also with 40-bit as well.

    I found the following discussion on a forum, but this discussion was quite…

  • An issue about AD9212-40

    Dear Engineers,

    I encountered some issues about AD9212-40, could you please help check them

    1、when CLK doesn't connect the common-mode voltage, what is voltage for pin9(clk-) and pin10(clk+), should it be 1.6V or 1.25V.

    2、  how to start the test…

  • AD9237-40 mode2 pin threshold


    Please let me know about the threshold of mode pin in AD9237-40.

    Datasheet  P.20 describes below but does not describe threhold.

    Mode2     ;  Span ; Power scaling

    AVDD          ;   1; Disabled

    2/3 AVDD    ;   1; Enabled

    1/3 AVDD    ;   2 ;Enabled

    AGND          ; 2  ;Disable…