• hmc998apm5e


    Would like to request for the sequencing biasing for the hmc998apm5e. In addition, I would like to turn off the PA when it is not in use. 

  • HMC998APM5E


    Would like to check on the following. 

    1. Do I need to have decoupling capacitor on the Vdd? 

    2. What is the typical turn-on time of the hmc998?

  • HMC998APM5E


    I have the following queries. 

    1. Can I request for the gain compression plot for 1GHz and also 6GHz,

    2. Can I request for the OIP2 and OIP3 data when the amplifier is operating in saturation mode. 

  • hmc998apm5e harmonics


    Could I check what will be the harmonics performance when the amplifier is operating at saturation mode.

  • Query regarding HMC998APM5E

    Hi ,

    I have the following queries.

    It would be of great help if you could kindly resolve the issue.


    In the datasheet of HMC998APM5E at page 9 there is a graph  "Second Harmonics vs Pout". I would like to know the effect of the same graph values if we…

  • hmc998apm5e MTBF Data


    Can you please provide graph of MTBF as a function of Tj in hmc998apm5e MMIC?

    Specifically i need the MTBF in Tj=205C 

    I know it's GaAs pHEMT, but i need to understand if in Tj=205C  it will stop working or just deteriorate its performances. 

  • HMC998APM5E Pulsed Operation


    Is there any data in using the HMC998APM5E for pulsed operation

    I was thinking of using Vgg1 to turn on/off the amplifier, keeping Vdd and Vgg2 biased. The sequence would be similar to what AN1363 shows for the HMC637A.  To turn off do in reverse.  

    1. Connect…

  • HMC998APM5E Gain vs Vgg1


    I have two questions about the HMC998APM5E:

    1.)  I'd like to request a plot of Gain vs. Vgg1 for the HMC998APM5E (please).  I'd received a similar set of gain plots for the HMC797, for Vgg=-6V, Vgg=-1V and Vgg=-2V from ADI, and assume the HMC998…

  • the efficiency of HMC998APM5E

    I want the efficiency of HMC998APM5E, and other details.

  • On HMC998APM5E Leakage Voltage

    Hello! Excuse me, HMC998APM5E drain bias voltage is 15V power supply, how much is its external feed inductance? What is the bias resistance?