• RE: hmc998apm5e harmonics

    Hi HK,

    This part is designed to cover freqs as shown in datasheets.

    If you want to use some other amplifier, please provide specs so I can try find some amp for you.



  • HMC998APM5E


    I have the following queries. 

    1. Can I request for the gain compression plot for 1GHz and also 6GHz,

    2. Can I request for the OIP2 and OIP3 data when the amplifier is operating in saturation mode. 

  • RE: hmc998apm5e

    Hi HK,

    The recommended bias sequence during power-up is as follows:

    1. Set VGG1 to −2.0 V 

    2. Set VDD to 15.0 V. 

    3. Set VGG2 to 9.5 V. 

    4. Adjust VGG1 to set Idq=500mA

    5. Apply the RF input signal. 


    The recommended bias sequence during power-down…

  • RE: hmc998apm5e MTBF Data

    Hi Stav,

    As you said this is a GaAs pHEMT, it shouldn’t be run at Tj=205C at all.



  • RE: HMC998APM5E Pulsed Operation

    Okay since I received no response from the initial question - I went out and purchased an evaluation board to see if I could determine the fall and rise time of the device.

    The result is shown below.  While the initial response looks  very good (ns) - it…

  • HMC998APM5E output port load pull / termination


    Here are a couple questions regarding output port mis-match.

    1.  What is the constraint when operating the HMC998APM5E into an open load, assuming +15Vd and 400mA Id ?  Is it unconditionally safe to do so ?

    2.  What is the maximum signal (PW, energy…

  • HMC998APM5E Gain vs Vgg1


    I have two questions about the HMC998APM5E:

    1.)  I'd like to request a plot of Gain vs. Vgg1 for the HMC998APM5E (please).  I'd received a similar set of gain plots for the HMC797, for Vgg=-6V, Vgg=-1V and Vgg=-2V from ADI, and assume the HMC998…

  • Voltage biasing controller for HMC998APM5E amplifier

    Blessed day!

    I need support for HMC998APM5E voltage biasing recommendation.

    Can I use HMC980LP4E for that voltage biasing?

    I have searched the table 3 of HMC980LP4E and I could not find HMC998APM5E inside the list.

    If HMC980 is suitable, could I have…

  • the efficiency of HMC998APM5E

    I want the efficiency of HMC998APM5E, and other details.

  • On HMC998APM5E Leakage Voltage

    Hello! Excuse me, HMC998APM5E drain bias voltage is 15V power supply, how much is its external feed inductance? What is the bias resistance?