• Can HMC565 and HMC997 have their supplies switched dynamically to switch transmission and reception paths?


    We have a loop made of these two amplifiers. However, they are on diferent paths isolated with RF swtiches. These switches are not sufficient to grant isolation though. For this reason an oscillation occurs at around 22 GHz. To compensate this, we…

  • HMC997 and HMC565 Demo-board Capacitors


    I am experiencing some differences between my PCB's (replicas of the demo boards) using these integrated circuits and the demo board that I ordered from Hittite. As these differences are the same and occur on the same bands (approx 17 GHz) in…

  • HMC499 HMC1131 or other Analog Controlled VGA's


    I am thinking of using a medium power amplifier to increase my Tx power in a K-band system, however currently I don't have a negative voltage circuitry in my design. What would you recommend for that purpose?

    My question is for Hmc499 or Hmc1131…