• The output amplitude of HMC987 is too low

    Now I get a problem about HMC987,I use the buffer to offer external LO to six AD9361,the range of LO is required to be -3dBm to +3dBm.

    based on the datasheet of HMC987,the buffer can driver 16 single-ended outputs (+3dBm to 50Ohm),But on my PCB,the o…

  • HMC987


    Page 3 of the HMC987LP5E data sheet specifies the integrated noise for the fan out buffers, but I don't see anything for the RF output. Do you have spec numbers for the RF output buffer? Thanks.

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  • HMC6832 & HMC987

    On the HMC6832, 

    1. are there any phase noise plots on the part, the data sheet does not show any information on close in noise at higher frequency’s, my operating range would be from ~500 to 3200MHz
    2. The data sheet in figure 12 shows relative output…
  • HMC987 EVM


    I'm interested in trace lengths from each IC output to RF connector.  Alternately, please provide EVM source documents, and I can just measure them.  Thanks!

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  • HMC987 Power Design


    I am designing HMC987 circuit.

    HMC987 has VCCHF, VCCRF, VCCA and VCCB.

    Please tell me each power use.

    For example,

    VCCRF drives RFOUTP and RFOUTN.

    VCCHF drives CLKP , CLKN and SPI Signals.

    VCCA drives CLKP1-4 and CLKN1-4.

    VCCB drives CLKP5…

  • HMC987 minimum jitter output


    I am trying to minimize the clock jitter added by the HMC987 fan-out chip and have a liberty to chose outputs (not all 8 are used in the design). A quick measurements of the time domain (not bandwidth limited) jitter using the evaluation boards show…

  • HMC987 Default States on Power-Up

    Hopefully this is a simple question, but I am a little confused by the datasheet.

    What is the default state of the HMC987 when it is powered-on, in SPI control mode, and the Chip Enable is active (1)?

    Table 11 depicts Reg 02h, which appears to show everything…

  • HMC987 Output Power

    Hi ADI,

    The HMC987 datasheet shows 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 Vppd for min / typ / max at 4 GHz into 100 ohm (p.3).

    Figure 9. Fundamental Output Power vs. Frequency & Temperature shows performance a few dB less than that.  For example, at 4 GHz  (room), the output…

  • HMC987 clock buffer, output power only -15dBm

    This buffer is used for local oscillator synchronization of multi-chip AD9361, using a single-ended output. The AD9361 can work normally when the actual test is under 5G, but the AD9361 will work abnormally when the test is over 5G. The whole band output…

  • HMC987 space qualified data sheet


    Is there a space qualified data sheet available for the HMC987?  I've only been able to find a normal data sheet.