• HMC987 current consumption

    Hi there,

    In the datasheet of HMC987LP5E fig. 3 (Current Consumption vs. Num. of Enabled Buffers & Load Resistors) the numbering on the horizontal axis made me run into confusion:
    (there are two fives)

    Is this a mistake? Was that curve supposed to start…

  • RE: HMC987 Temperature Coefficient


    Unfortunately, we don't have temperature coefficient data for HMC987.



  • HMC987 RF Outputs

    The HMC987 datasheet shows output voltage levels for the LVPECL output clocks but I don't see anything for the RF outputs.  Are they the same for the RF?  If not, where do I find them?



  • The output amplitude of HMC987 is too low

    Now I get a problem about HMC987,I use the buffer to offer external LO to six AD9361,the range of LO is required to be -3dBm to +3dBm.

    based on the datasheet of HMC987,the buffer can driver 16 single-ended outputs (+3dBm to 50Ohm),But on my PCB,the o…

  • HMC987 Default States on Power-Up

    Hopefully this is a simple question, but I am a little confused by the datasheet.

    What is the default state of the HMC987 when it is powered-on, in SPI control mode, and the Chip Enable is active (1)?

    Table 11 depicts Reg 02h, which appears to show everything…

  • HMC987 Parallel Port Control transition to SPI Control

    Can the HMC987 use the SPI interface after powering-up in Parallel Port Control mode? Or can the PMODE_SEL bit not be changed once enabled and latched?

    I am looking to determine if we can initialize the device as if it were in Parallel Port Control (channels…

  • HMC987 clock buffer, output power only -15dBm

    This buffer is used for local oscillator synchronization of multi-chip AD9361, using a single-ended output. The AD9361 can work normally when the actual test is under 5G, but the AD9361 will work abnormally when the test is over 5G. The whole band output…

  • RE: HMC987 RFBUFEN termination when in Parallel Mode

    Hi, if the Clk input is a sinewave of -1dBm, then the CML buffered output is a sinusoidal waveform of 3dBm by default?


  • HMC987 EVM


    I'm interested in trace lengths from each IC output to RF connector.  Alternately, please provide EVM source documents, and I can just measure them.  Thanks!

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  • RE: HMC987

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