• RF SPDT switch HMC986A

    In the datasheet, the HMC986A is described as the RF SPDT switch, but it is not described as the T/R switch. Can it be used as a duplexer?

  • HMC986A passivation?

    1. is the HMC986A die passivated
  • Can both terminals of HMC986A be off?

    HMC986A is a SPDT. The truth table mentioned the cases where the control voltage connects the common port to RF1 or RF2. Is it possible to connect it to nothing (all ports are open)?


  • Questions about Chip or Die package Design of HMC986A


    My customer are designing their product with HMC986A.

    And as you know, HMC986A only have Chips or Die package.

    So they need your help about PCB Design with HMC986A  Chips or Die package.

    Please refer below questions and let me know your opinions…

  • RE: ADRF5044 DIE


    We don't have die form SP4T. You can externally build SP4T out of 3 SPDTs if you have to. In that case, we have HMC986A up to 50 GHz and a very new product ADRF5424 up to 60 GHz in Die on Carrier (DoC) form.


  • RE: HMC341 die

    Thanks a lot. The SNP of  all bare chips is tested on chip? I also want to know if the S2p files of HMC499 and HMC986A bare dies are tested on chip?

  • 关于射频开关使用

    HMC986A是数据手册上说明是射频SPDT,但未说明是收发开关(T/R switch),这样它可以作为双工器Diplexer吗?

  • 3月重点推荐——民用雷达解决方案,是你的菜么?




  • 总有一款适合您——最新《RF和微波IC选型指南》PDF免费下载ing

    天线到数字以及数字到天线……ADI凭借领先的射频技术能力、系统知识与工艺技术,提供直流到90 GHz以上、涵盖整个RF信号链最丰富多样的RF IC组合。


    面对上千款的RF IC产品,如何选出最适合自己应用的哪一款呢?ADIRF和微波IC》最新选型指南来帮您。(附件)



  • RE: Query

    This part is EAR99. The attached RFIC selection guide lists the ECCN codes for all of ADI's RF products.