• HMC983 as frequency divider sub 10MHz


    I used HMC983 as a frequency divider, and I want to know if it can work with the input range of 9kHz--10MHz. I tried it and found the output was unstable and the resolution(/32) should be >=100kHz. So should have any solution can achieve it?

  • HMC983 and HMC3716 PLL design ?

    Hi all,

    Our customer will design the PLL circuits with HMC983 and HMC3716.

    They evaluated the phase noise performance with their custom boards.

    Comparing the in-band phase noise characteristics of integer mode and fractional mode with the nearly same…

  • HMC983 (Hittite Dual Chip Synthesizer Main GUI) Software Error

    Hi all,

    I am trying to run a standalone version of HMC983 with the evaluation software sent to me upon request by ADI but I keep running into this error:

    When I attempt to continue it will pop up every time I try to interact with the GUI.

    Has anyone…

  • HMC983 Divider Output Buffers Always High

    I am using the HMC983 as a standalone integer divider. I appear to have SPI communications with the chip, but both complimentary divider outputs are always high. This is the case with all default settings (i.e., on power-up with no SPI activity) and after…

  • HMC983 Read/Write in Integer Mode


    After looking through the datasheet for the HMC983, there isn't a lot of information on how read/write operates with integer mode. I'd like to know how the 30 data bits in the write operation cover every register and which registers are covered…

  • HMC983 & HMC984套片,CSP工作过程

    HMC984手册20页 Cycle Slip Prevention部分讲了:HMC984检测到两个频率不同时,CSP保持PD正确的输出极性,直到频率基本相同!

    后面还有:HMC983通过 UPSAT and DNSAT检测到大幅相差时会配置自身和HMC984?疑问就在这里,具体怎么配置自身和HMC984,改变自身的分频系数?对HMC984做了什么?找遍HMC983和HMC984手册都没有提及。


  • RE: HMC983 Frequency Divider Output stuck on 5V and NOT WORKING

    If you have any lowpass filtering on your SPI lines, particularly the clock, you might try removing it as an experiment.  I've found that the HMC983's SPI interface responds inconsistently with rise times of ~1 us or more. 

  • Configuring HMC983 CEN(pin 31) for power saving


    I'm currently working on a project where it would be beneficial to have an HMC983 power down or sleep when not in use. In the datasheet, pin 31 or CEN is mentioned very briefly for this purpose. I haven't been able to find any other resources…

  • HMC983 Integer mode


    I want to use the HMC983 stand alone in Integer mode. Now is my question: How do I configure the HMC983 to work in Integer mode? 

    I thought when I turn off the "Sigma Delta Enable" (bit 3) in Reg01 the device should be in Integer mode instead of…

  • HMC983&HMC984 Why is this happening? how to solve this problem

    Click here to play this video