• HMC980LP4E with HMC998APM5E

    Hello Everyone,

    Kindly tell can we bias the HMC998APM5E amplifier by using the Active Bias Controller IC HMC980LP4E? The amplifier part is not listed in the bias controller datasheet. If it is possible to use, kindly suggest rough circuit to proceed.

  • HMC980LP4E Current Sense Resistors

    Trying to figure out the voltage at Isense pin (20) which is applied across the current sensing resistors for the HMC980.

    Using a V_DD of 8.9V and a drain voltage of 8V @ 1200mA.

    for the current sense resistors we are using 2 249ohm resistors to ground…

  • HMC980LP4E question

    First post...

    I am wanting to use an active bias controller such as the HMC980LP4E with the HMC797APM5E (DC-22GHz 1W GaAs PA). So, without a signal, the quiescent needs to be set to 400mA at 10V. I can follow the datasheet and app'n notes for that. When…

  • FAQ: HMC980LP4E MSL Rating

    Q: What is the MSL rating of HMC980LP4E?



    I want to use HMC981LP3E and HMC980LP4E for daisy chain operation (only the first will generate negative voltage, and will trigger the second), do I need to be worried ?

    The application notes talks only about connecting the same component for Daisy-Chain…

  • HMC981LP3E vs HMC980LP4E


    I am deciding between these two biasing chips and have a few questions.  I am using the CMD244K5 (Qorvo part) in Depletion mode at 185 mA.  I have two questions:

    1) I'm worried that if I use the HMC981LP3E, which has a max current at 200 mA, that…

  • HMC980LP4E Power Supply Sequencing

    I am using HMC980LP4E IC to bias the amplifier HMC797APM5E. I need to know is there any supply sequencing while applying voltages to CP-VDD, VDIG, VDD1, VDD2 and EN pins. In the datasheet, there is no information regarding how  supply sequencing should…

  • Using HMC980LP4E for Temperature Compensation

    My Amplifier CHA3024 changes its gain as temperature changes. I want to use HMC980 Active bias Controller for maintaining its drain current constant and for sequencing of Amplifier.

    But i am not sure that will this active Bias Controller be able to maintain…

  • Xmicrowave Amplifiers XM-B5E4-0804D with HMC998APM5E and Active Bias Controllers XM-B5E5-0804D HMC980LP4E

    I need support for biasing the xmicrowave board XM-B5E4-0804D with HMC998APM5E and Active Bias Controllers XM-B5E5-0804D board with HMC980LP4E. When I apply 16.5V at Vin on XM-B5E5-0804D board there is no current flow tru the RF amp.

    These are the voltages…

  • HMC980LP4E with HMC8205

    I would like to ask for advice. What to do for the VGATE of HMC980 to start at -4V and stop at -2.5V to raise the HMC8205 to meet the working conditions. Thank you.