• HMC963 RF Front End protection

    I want to use the HMC963 for a broadband rf front end application. What I want to know is how I'm supposed to protect it from excess input power. I'm not seeing any power limit diodes that meet the 0 dBm requirement. I want to use this part for space…

  • Vdd vs Gain, Idd vs Input power of HMC963/565/516/564/772


    I received a question from our customer. The customer is now selecting RF Amp for a transceiver system. The selecting points are characteristics of Vdd vs Gain and Idd vs Input Power. Do you have like those data of following products?


  • HMC962 HMC963


    The HMC962 and HMC963 datasheets show absolute numbers for the RF input power, are these limits over the entire frequency range of the devices? Are there frequencies ranges where the devices could be used with slightly higher input power? Thanks…

  • RE: LO Signal Chain

    Hi Claus,

    I believe your observation is correct. An RF input of 5dBm should saturate the HMC963. I am not too familiar with the ADXUD1AEBZ, but maybe this could be driven at a lower RF power for optimal operation with the HMC963. This would take some investigation…

  • RE: HMC499LC4 eval board gerbers

    Hi KSowronski942, 

    Gerber files for HMC499LC4 evaluation can be found on the product website (shown below) and through this link here: https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/evaluation-documentation/gerber-files/HMC498LC4-HMC499LC4-HMC517LC4…

  • HMC963LC4 power over microstrip

    Dear Sirs,

    Can you help me with the next question. We want to use HMC963LC4 chip using "power over coaxial" supply. Is it possible to supply power 3.5V by pin 3 RFIN or built-in capacitor can not provide DC-protection?

    I would be grateful for…

  • HMC564LC4 and HMC963LC4 Compatibility

    I designed an application using HMC564LC4. I saw that, apart from the additional Pin N.21 present in HMC963 and declared as NC in HMC564, the two devices are compatible.

    In case I would like to use the same PCB for both devices, it would help me to leave…

  • HMC751LC4 / HMC963LC4 Heat sink recommendations


    I just received two evaluation boards of the RF amplifiers HMC751 and HMC963. They didn't come with any heat sink attached but in the datasheet I read "The evaluation board should be mounted to an appropriate heat sink". Is it totally necessary?…

  • RE: Dimensions of evaluation boards

    Adding keyword to trigger notification: HMC963

  • 11/16/16 The Art of Military Communications

    This webcast gives an overview of recent trends in radio hardware in the military communications (MILCOM) field including what technologies and requirements are driving these trends. The main focus will be the shift to more widespread satellite communications…