• HMC960 output signal distortion

    Hi Experts:

    We apply HMC960 for design and some issue need your advise as below.

    We hope to get 1.2V Vpp output IQ signal through HMC960 within 50MHz, and impedance is: input=100ohm, output=200ohm.

    When apply 10MHz and 50MHz signal input, there will…

  • HMC960 IQ input definition


    In my project, The RF signal will be demodulated by LTC8856 and then transmit IQ signal to HMC960 for signal amplified. Unfortunately, the IQ definition are opposite between LTC5586 and HMC960.

    That will require to have signal via this issue and that…

  • HMC960 independent channel gain control or ganged?


    It is not clear to me if the gain of the I and Q amplifier chains within the HMC960 part can be changed independently or not. I suspect they can be adjusted independently since both the I and Q channels have enable selections. Can someone confirm…

  • HMC960 unused GC pins

    Dear Sir:

    We are using SPI to set the gain of HMC960.
    The unused GC pins will left floating.
    Would this cause a problem?

  • HMC960 Can be used for Single Ended Input and as a individual two channels


     Is HMC960 can be used as a single-ended input to differential output driver amplifier for ADC? Input is from two separate downconverted receiver channels.

    We don't need Inphase and quadrature-phase inputs. Is HMC960 can be used as shown below…

  • HMC960 Can be used for Single Ended Input and as a individual two channels

    Dear All,

    HMC960 Can be used for Single Ended Input and as a individual two channels same question posted by Mr.Sushant with transformers. I don't want to used transfromers in my design. Can you please suggest that how to convert from signale ended to…

  • 关于HMC960应用


  • HMC960: chip can not receive any of datas from spi

    Hollow friends, I have meeting something weird about controlling the chip of HMC960. That I list all trouble as follows:

    VDD and DVDD is 5V, CMI and CMO is 2.5V

    1. Chip cannot receive any control data from SPI, I tried to disable I and Q, but failed while…

  • RE: HMC960: Weird waveforms on output

    I have meetings the trouble that the chip of HMC960 never responded any SPI data, the output always represent saturate, and write data 0000 000e can’t disable any of channels while the parallel pins be designed to left open. 

  • HMC960 - Q channel

    Hi Team,

    I am planning to use HMC960 for one of my projects. However, the recieved signal is from a single balanced mixer (meaning I have just in-phase signal). I have 2 such receivers and both provide in-phase signals. Can I use the Q-channel of HMC960…