• RE: hmc952a evaluation board problem

    Hi, after the last time that the part worked for  2 minutes , now the part is not working  , the power pins and gnd pin of the hmc952a is short circuited let me explain the condition when this happened:

    i supplied the power to hmc980 and then enabled the…

  • HMC952A

    Hi, all!

    In the technical description on the application circuit it is recommended to connect pin No. 10 to the ground, and on the evaluation Board it is connected to the Vdd. How to design a Board correctly?

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  • RE: Request about HMC952ALP5GE

    Hi Kazu,

    HMC952A is targeted to be pin to pin replacement part for HMC952. For now, you can refer to the performance plots of HMC952. Expected release date for HMC952A is early June.



  • HMC952A  and Vgg2,3

    Hi. The datasheet HMC952A says "Adjust Vgg1 to achieve idd = 1400 mA" . For which values of Vgg2 and Vgg3? All Vgg affect the current? Thank you

  • HMC952A damage during test

    I make a power amplier use HMC952A,Vdd1~Vdd4 connected together to power supply 6V,and Vgg1~Vgg3 connected together to negative power supply.The device mounted on Rogers ro4003c circuit board,and circuit board mounted on aluminum heat sink plate.During the…

  • HMC952A NF data ?

    Hi all,

    NF data @ HMC952A is available ?

    For example,

     Noise Figure vs. Frequency at Various Temperatures

    Noise Figure vs. Frequency at Various Supply Voltages

    Noise Figure vs. Frequency at Various Supply Currents

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  • RE: HMC952A Vgg current?


    Total current for Vgg pins typical vary between -2 to 30 mA, depending on temperature, input power and frequency.

    Sink and source capability for the driver is needed, a shunt resistor on Vgg line, in kOhms range can help with that.



  • HMC952A的供电电压


  • RE: we are testing for first time an HMC ALH444 we apply VG1=-0.7 V VD= 5V VG2  1,.5 V and we get ID =55 mA, But if we put the data sheet values VG1=-0.5 VG2= 1.5 V with VD1 = 5V , ID go to 70 mA It is normal ? the absolute maximum ratings values for

    Hi fmattiocco,

    I apologize for the delay in this reply. I just became aware of this EZ question, as well as the question linked below:


    With respect to the Vgg1 voltage required to achieve Iddq=55 mA ("target bias…