• HMC952A供电问题

    使用HMC952时,电源有两种VDD和VGG,其中VDD为直流供电,5或者6V,,那么VGG是干嘛用的  接地还是啥?产品说明只有让接旁路电容,,没有供电说明。

  • HMC952A Nominal VGG

    Good Afternoon,

     I was looking for data on the RF amplifier HMC952A relative to just setting a nominal VGG and what the typical gain/psat variations that could be expected from part to part. I found the post about VGG variations on the amplifier, but nothing…

  • About the recommended board thickness of HMC952A


    Is there a recommended board thickness for HMC952A?
    Please let me know if you have any information such as evaluating the thickness of this board.

    I would be grateful if you could reply.

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  • FAQ: HMC952A Vgg Lot-to-Lot variation

    Q: Can you provide  a supplemental data on the HMC952A Vgg Lot-to-Lot variation for an Idq of 1,400mA?

  • About the capacitor manufacturer mounted on the HMC952A evaluation board


    Could you tell us about the 100pF and 10nF capacitor manufacturers mounted on the HMC952A evaluation board?

    I would appreciate it if you could reply.

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  • RE: HMC952A

    The evaluation board PCB design was shared with an obsolete part, HMC995. This part had a VDD5 supply on pin 10.

    For HMC952A, pin 10 is "no connect", so you can either leave this pin floating or connect to ground.

  • Dection voltage of HMC952A ?

    Hi, I want to know the range of Detection voltage of HMC952A  varying with RF output power ?

    In the datasheet, only the different of (Vref-Vdect) is presented, it may be reliable when the output power is high. In my project, the output power should be about…

  • FAQ: HMC952A Power Supplies

    Q: Is it possible to use different power supplies for each VDD's? What are the typical supply currents for each?

  • FAQ: HMC952A VGG Decoupling Capacitors Reduction

    Q: Is it possible to remove the 4.7 uF VGG decoupling capacitor of HMC952A?

  • FAQ: Residual Phase Noise of HMC952A

    QCan you provide Residual Phase Noise Data for HMC952A?