• Can you provide data on the HMC943APM5E S21(Amplitude and phase) Lot-to-Lot variation

    What is the lot-to-lot variation of S21 for the HMC943APM5E.

    I would like to use two PA and combine the output and I am interested in the difference of S21 between two HMC943APM5E having the same input signal.

  • HMC943APM5E Schematic


    We are using the HMC943APM5E for the schematic entry.  In terms of powering, do we apply VG and VDD on both sides.  

    Are all the VDD supplies connected to a common star point? 
  • HMC943APM5E output

    Good afternoon!
    We are using HMC943APM5 to amplify the ADF5901 transmitter signal. 
    As shown in Figure 30 datasheet, at an input of 8 dBm, the output of the HMC943APM5 will be> 30 dBm.
    What is the noise level at the output of the HMC943APM5 when the…
  • Decoupling network for HMC943APM5E

    Hi - The HMC943APM5E datasheet shows a requirement for 3 decoupling caps per qty. 8 Vd and qty. 2 Vg pins; that is a total of 30 capacitors.  Do you have any recommendations for a simplified decoupling network that will result in performance that meets…

  • FAQ: Individual stage currents for the four stages of the HMC943APM5E

    Q: What are the individual stage currents for the four stages of the HMC943APM5E?

  • HMC997LC4 & HMC943APM5E RF output issue


    We're using the HMC997LC4 VGA in series with the HMC943APM5E PA device (VGA used to pre-amp before the PA).

    However, the power output at the PA is about 30dB lower than expected.

    We can only get up to +1dBm on the output of the PA before it saturates…

  • RE: Can HMC943APM5 power amp be biased with HMC980LP4E bias controller?

    Hi David, I think you've maybe misread the plot? The red curve crosses the current axis at 1800 mA but that curve is for Pout. The black Idd curve for current goes up to 1600 mA at full saturation.

    So, restating my question, does this confirm that…

  • Can HMC943APM5E amplifier be used for 35 GHz ?

    Can HMC943APM5E amplifier be used for 35 GHz ?  OP1 dB requirement is 27 dBm for our application ? 

  • HMC943A Detector Pins

    What is the best way to terminate the VDET and VREF pins if the detector circuit is not being used?  

    Is it OK to connect these pins to ground?  Or must they be left open, not-connected?

    Thank you.

  • PDN of HMC8500LP5DE & HMC1114LP5DE

    Dear Sir,

    For PDN18_0034 as below, would you kind to provide the data spec of HMC8500PM5E & HMC1114PM5E for difference clarification ?