• Edge  connecters on  EVAL board of the HMC943

    Anyone know how to get the part number and manufacturer of the 2.92mm Edge  connecters 

    on the EVAL board of the HMC943 ?.   

  • If the EN pin of HMC980 is used to control the power up and down of HMC980, what is the risk of too frequent switching?

    1. We use HMC980 to bias the PA chip HMC943 and HMC920 to bias the PA chip HMC498. We want to switch the HMC980 (HMC920)  EN pin about 20ms according to the need, that is, to control the power up and down of PA chip HMC943 (HMC498) through the level o…

  • HMC980芯片EN管脚控制HMC980上下电时切换太频繁有何风险?




  • RE: some questions about HMC943A

    Thank you for your reply

    Because the output of hmc943 is the antenna. so we can not test the pin/pout/p1db/psat  of the chip only

    i am sorry to say that  i can not give you some raw data about this parameters.

    the idd = 1.3A,Vdd=5V,Vgg=-0.8V,igg we do…

  • Decoupling network for HMC943APM5E

    Hi - The HMC943APM5E datasheet shows a requirement for 3 decoupling caps per qty. 8 Vd and qty. 2 Vg pins; that is a total of 30 capacitors.  Do you have any recommendations for a simplified decoupling network that will result in performance that meets…

  • the impedance match of hmc943A

    Hi all

    when i use hmc943 in K band (24G~24.25G). i want to do the impedance match for it to get better VSWR

    i use the microstrip to match the chip. But the result is not satisfied.

    1:The attachment is the dxf of the match microstrip. Can you give me…