Please provide S-parameters for HMC939A-DIE. Thanks.

  • RE: I am building Footprints for our Library and am looking for DXF files.


    See attached for the HMC939A-DIE pad dimensions.


  • HMC939A

    Protection diodes shown on page 5 of data sheet: what type are these diodes?

  • RE: HMC939 EOL?


    The HMC939 will be obsolete due to foundry/process discontinuation and replaced by the HMC939A. The HMC939A is being developed in a similar process from different foundry as fit/form/functional replacement for the HMC939. The HMC939A  is targeted…

  • Regarding HMC939A die. Do you have a calculated MTBF for this part available?

    MTBF or FIT per million hours needed to calculate my component MTBF

  • HMC939ALP4E Evaluation Board construction info?

    I am currently transitioning from using the HMC939 bare-die part to the HMC939A bare-die part for an attenuator design that we have used extensively in our products.

    I noticed that the HMC939A is offered in a prepackaged part, the HMC939ALP4E, which…

  • RE: What is the best way to model HMC939A digital inputs for human body model class 3. I am using Spice to simulate my circuit.


    HMC939A has ESD specification of HBM Class 1A. You will need to use system level protection circuits for enhanced ESD protection level of HBM Class 3. Unfortunately, we don't have SPICE models of HMC939A for simulations.


  • RE: HMC939LP4E and HMC819LC5 not recommend

    Hi Taz-san,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The customer is considering 18GHz.

    I guess HMC7911 would be the replacement.

    Is this OK?

    Could you let me know when HMC939A is available?




  • RE: HMC341 die


    This is test on die. I thing this error in s2p file saying this is tested on k connectors.

    we test dies as dies without test boards.


    Ivan S

  • RE: HMC941 HMC939


    The RF ports of both HMC939 and HMC941 have same line potential of ~0Vdc so the connection between these parts does not require DC blocking capacitor.

    These parts are scheduled to be discontinued in late 2016. At least 6 months before the discontinuation…