• HMC930A


    I'd like to request the data presented in the datasheet in Excel file format. Specifically, I'd like to request S-Parameter data for the HMC930A. To include graphed data if available, preferably in Excel Format for the following:


  • HMC930A power dissipation

        Hello, dear colleagues!

    Could You clear, if HMC930A can work with +7 V supply?

    What power dissipation will be in this case,

    and what NF can we expect,

    if amlifier was tested in that condition (+7 V voltage)?




  • Gain and Return Loss - HMC930A

    About HMC930A. Is the gain stated in the datasheet the effective gain or should I subtract from it the losses due to return loss? For example, if I am inserting a power of 10dBm to the HMC930A, is the output about 20dBm or would it be less due to the…

  • 2HD, 3HD data of HMC441-Die and HMC462-Die


    Could you share the 2nd and the 3rd harmonic distortion data?

    If there is no data of these products, something of the same product series is also fine.



  • RE: HMC985A-Die rf pins interchangeability


    HMC985A-Die can support bi-directional operation, however, the power handling for RFOUT might be lower than RFIN.

    The absolute max RF input power for HMC985A-Die is 30dBm as listed in the datasheet, therefore, I think it is OK to apply 15dBm max to…

  • LTC6268 Bare Die Pad Layout


    For a research project I am working on I need to use the LTC6268-10 op-amp. In my project I need to reduce the parasitic capacitance as much as possible. As a result, I am trying to get bare-die of this op-amp and directly wirebond it to another…

  • HMC985 die

    Does anybody know why the HMC985 die has metalization on the edge?


  • ltc2641 die -

    The largest temp range the DAC will operate per the data sheet is -40 to +85 C. If I get the die will it operate at -55 to 125C? I will be mounting the die on ceramic substrate.

    does the assumption that it will work if properly heatsunk although the…

  • HMC939A-DIE

    Please provide S-parameters for HMC939A-DIE. Thanks.