• HMC920 VDrain Drops after connecting to load

    Dear Sir,

    I use HMC920 for HMC863 on my dev board, before I connect my load to HMC920, I measured the VDrain is 5,2V and VGATE is -0.9V. But after I connect to HMC863, the VDrain drops to 4.3V, Can you tell me under what conditions the VDrain will drop…

  • FAQ: HMC920 VDDOCC Setting

    Q: Why does the equation to set LDOCC output/VDRAIN not match the measured voltages on the evaluation board?

  • How to bias HMC1126 by HMC920

    Hi all,

    As subject, I wonder to use the HMC920 EVB to bias HMC1126 EVB like the HMC1126's datasheet schematic(below figure).

    Following the schematic and I set the Vdd = 5.3V, VLDOCC = 5.06V, Rsense = 1.55k (Idd = 120 mA), R10 = 15.3k.


  • RE: HMC920 Bias for HMC633

    Marked as answered due to lack of reply

  • RE: I want to use the HMC920 for the HMC7357

    Hi Kaka,

    When you say the signal disappears do you mean the part stops functioning entirely? How does the DC look while this is happening? Could you tell me your bias sequencing?

    Also, the schematic seems reasonable but since this inquiry was asked we…

  • HMC920 default VGATE voltage

    I am testing HMC920 in open-loop, i.e, no DUT (Amplifier) is being connected to VDRAIn and VGATE pins yet.

    I am getting proper voltage at LDOCC pin which is being set at 5 V.

    Moreover, VNEG voltage is also correct which is -2.45 V.

    But VGATE voltage is…

  • Biasing HMC6505A using a HMC920


    We are trying to bias the HMC6505A eval board using the HMC920 full-featured eval board. HMC6505A operates at Vdrain of 5V and Vgate between -2 to 0V (tolerant up to -2.5V) to adjust Idrain to 120mA. Based on the information for HMC6505A we ad…

  • Using the HMC920 Bias Controller without using Rsense

    Is it possible to use the HMC920 bias controller (or other ADI bias controllers) without the use of the Rsense resistor? I am considering the CMD192C5 amplifier that specifies a constant Vgg, and it sets its current internally in the amplifier.  I am still…

  • Using HMC920 Questions

    Dear Sir ,

    We were using HM981 (Active bias controller) in our design to bias CHA3995 which needs 180 mA drain current , 4 Volts drain voltage and -1 to -0.3 gate voltage but currently we decided to change to HMC920. The schematic that we created for…

  • HMC997 bias with HMC920

    Dear Sirs,

    I am currently designing K band VGA with HMC997. Is it possible to use the active bias controller HMC920? I do not see HMC997 in the list of the bias controller possible amplifiers.

    Best Regards,