• RE: Footprint requirement

    Hi Vikrant@90,

    You have requested footprint files for HMC590 and HMC903 die products.

    We do not have separate footprint drawing files die products, but drawings with dimensions are provided in the datasheets. If there is a missing dimension, we can…

  • RE: Request  a ADI recommended PN about alternative of UMS CHA3666 device

    HI Se-woong,

    HMC903 die version is the closest amplifier to the requirements. I typically has 19+ dB gain, 1.5 dB NF, 15 dBm P1db in 6 to 12 GHz range, with 90mA from 3.5 V.



  • HMC903


    I have a few questions regarding the HMC903:

    1. The datasheet of HMC903 specifies bias condition of Vdd1=Vdd2=3.5V

    with Idd=90 mA. How does increasing or decreasing Vdd, affect the noise figure

    and gain performance of the device? Can you…

  • Query on HMC903


    We assembled HMC903 on bare board Layout based on Eval kit Gerber. Before apply DC power supply, we want to ensure whether it is properly mounted. So we are checking continuity and measured 10ohm. Please let me know whether it is normal or not..…

  • HMC903 Should Vgg1 and Vgg2 be connected together for Self-Bias Operation?

    Fellow engineers,

    As per the datasheet of HMC903LP3E (rev. H) page 10 of 13 pins Vgg1 and Vgg2 are stated to be connected together. Does this apply only for external-bias applications or is it true also for self-bias operation? I saw in the design of a suggested…

  • RE: HMC903 ESD CDM Classification


    We do not have any CDM ESD rating for HMC903.



  • MSL rating of HMC902 & HMC903?


    What is the MSL rating of HMC902LP3E and HMC903LP3E? I can't find the MSL rating in the datasheets, and the parts do not have Material Declaration documents on the website.

  • Oscillator 14.9 GHz in HMC903

    Hi everyone,

    I have trouble with my own PCB design for LNA that using HMC903. There is an oscillator at 14.9GHz about 0dBm. Is it normal or my circuit was fail?

    Best regards,

    Nhan D.T. Nguyen

  • HMC903 maximum input level

    Hi All, 

    I'm interested in the maximum RF input level (no damage) of HMC903LP3 amplifier. Old datasheets show +10dBm, in the current datasheet it's +20dBm. Is it true? What is the reason of the change?

    It would be nice if it could withstand …

  • RE: HMC903LP3E additive phase noise

    That's perfect thank you and a huge help.

    Your amplifier is so much better than my RF source that I can safely ignore the HMC903 contribution.