• HMC9000 design files?

    I want to try a few things with my HMC9000 KIT01 evaluation board (gigasample ADC hanging off a Spartan 6 FPGA).

    I'm not able to write FPGA code, because I have no idea what FPGA pins things are connected to.

    Are the design files and/or FPGA code…

  • Request Data Sheet @HMC9000

    Hello ADI & Hittite,

    Our Customer will evaluate HMC9000, EKIT01-HMC9000.

    Please provide to me datasheet @ HMC9000.

    I tried to click "Request Data Sheet" on web link @HMC9000, but e-mail adress error. 


  • HMC9000 in equivalent time sampling

    Hi All,

    I am interesting HMC9000 board.

    Is it possible to set to operate in equivalent sampling mode?

    Best Regards,


  • RE: 关于采样保持板HMC661LC4B