• HMC877 single-end out and termination.


    If  I use HMC877 on single-end out.

    How to terminate other pin ?

    Is it capacitance to 50 ohm ? 

    Thank you.

  • HMC-877


    Could I please get the Gerbers and layout files for the  EVAL01-HMC877 board?

    Thanks and Best Regards.

  • EVAL01-HMC877LC3


    I am trying to reproduce the application note results (phase shifts and S-parameters) for a brand new evaluation board of HMC887-LC3. I am however unable to get those results for single-ended operation (desired). Here is the board configuration I…

  • RE: HMC877LC3 simplest design


    - It is possible to use HMC877's delay function only using VDCP when VDCN have a defined constant voltage. The delay is defined with the difference across VDCP and VDCN.

    - Inputs and outputs can be used single endedly, having unused pins terminated…

  • RE: Using HMC247/877 at 3GHz ?

    Hi hma,

    Regarding the HMC247, we have S-parameter data only as low as 4 GHz, so I don't have the data with which to answer your question regarding 3 GHz operation. Regarding the HMC877, I'll need to look at the data set we have and review its d…