• HMC863ALC4 Eval Board "K" Connectors

    The datsheet for the HMC863ALC4 lists J1 and J2 as "K" Connectors, but not the sex. What is the sex of these connectors?

  • HMC863ALC4 Performance issue: Output power 3 dB less than specified


    we currently design a radar using HMC863ALC4.

    The problem is that we could not get the spefied output power. It is about 3 dB less.

    @24GHz with 6V we should see 28dBm bt could only measure 25dBm.

    Is anybody out there who has experience with this…

  • HMC863ALC4 的VDD对地电阻小的问题


  • Relation between VDIG and VDD of HMC920


    I am using HMC920 to bias HMC863ALC4.


    1)In HM920 what is the relation  between VDD and VDIG?

    2) Do I need to apply voltage to VDIG as below?

    3) Is there a reference circuit for the connection of HMC920 and HMC863ALC4?