• HMC860 line regulatiuon


    I used the HMC860 with VCC=3.4V and all my outputs are 2.8V.

    the load is 10-20 mA each.

    I changed the VCC by 0.1V and get ~1mV on the output.

    Is it normal?

    I expected much higher line regulation.

    Please advice.

    Is there any other part with…

  • Questions about HMC860, HMC976, HMC1060


    I will be adding these parts to the ADIsimPower Linear Regulator design tool, I have some questions about these parts:


    Can I short RDx to VRx to get 1.2V output? The datasheet says Vout 2.5V to 5.2V, is this because it's been tested only…

  • RE: HMC778LP6CE Evaluation Kit -  "Lost Communication"

    If you only get 2.18V on the 3.2V digital rail that would explain why the HMC778 does not respond to SPI accesses.  Can you check the other HMC860 rails?  It may be the HMC860 LDO causing the problem or possibly the 5.5V current limit is set to low.  Try…

  • Recommended regulators for ADI PLLs and VCOs

    PLL Recommended regulator
    Low power standalone PLLs and the ADF4360-x narrowband PLL/VCO family (< 100 mA); e.g. ADF41xx, ADF42xx, ADF4360-x

    Use the ADP150 regulator; good performance, low cost.


  • Question about combining VR1,VR2 and VR3 in HMC1060LP3


    My customer want to get 200mA of current rating through combining VR1, VR2 and VR3 pins.

    (VR1 = 100mA, VR2 & VR3 = 50mA at 3.3V Default configuration.)

    an they use a combining VR1, VR2 and VR3 pins of HMC1060 like VR2 and VR3 pins of HMC860…

  • HMC703 circuit


    I am using HMC703 in a design and I have two questions:

    Q1: In the evaluation board schematics, there are several 1 ohm resistors on power supply pins between decoupling capacitors. Are these resistors really necessary? (I have already ferrite…

  • RE: HMC830 and PLL frequency multiplier

    Use the HMC830.  This part has the integrated output divider to divide the internal 1500MHz to 3000MHz VCO down to 500MHz.  The HMC510 VCO will not work down to 500MHz.

    You can also use a discrete solution with the HMC704 PLL (this is the same PLL inside…

  • RE: Programming HMC703LP4E

    Power down the HMC703 by writing Reg 0x01=0.  It's that simple.

    If you are using our eval board you will see the 5.5V current drop from around 350mA to 290mA.  It will not go down to the 100uA specified in the datasheet since the 5.5V also powers…

  • HMC765 vs HMC767

    Hello there,

     We are thinking in migrating a current design from HMC767 to avoid excesively low tning voltages to get 8GHz output frequency. Our idea is to use HMC765 instead but phase noise floor degradation seems to be expected. My questions are:


  • RE: HMC733LC4B


    The frequency of any free running (e.g. not phase locked) signal on a microwave VCO will drift; this is mostly due to temperature. Many of the HMC series VCO's are mounted to an aluminum backer plate. This backer plate not only adds a measure of ruggedness…