• RE: HMC856 exposed pad

    HMC856 Gerber Files.zip

    Hi, I'm sharing the EVB gerber files attached. You can refer to the EVB design's cap placement and via placement

    Best regards

  • HMC856 - 3ps resolution

    Hi, I tested the delay line HMC856 with the application circuit and I do not get the 3ps resolution on the control range :

    - with J5-B0 not connected, I have a 3ps resolution on half of the dynamic of the control range with the 4 other bits

    - with J5…

  • HMC856 Input

    Can we apply differential input to HMC856 directly. Will 50ohm internally terminated resistor(CML) affect our input or not?

  • HMC856 Delay Measurement

    Dear Forum,

    I recently acquired a HMC856 EVAL board - for characterization purposes of course. Now I'm interested in measuring the actual delay values per step as accurately as possible in order to characterize the chip for my desired application. I…

  • HMC856 Eval board Interfacing

    I am reviewing the HMC856 eval board schematic on page 12 of the HMC856 data sheet.  I am trying to figure out how to interface the control (B0-B4) to LVTTL (1.8, 2.5 or 3.3V) control system.  Is it possible?

  • Can HMC856 works with positive supply?

    HMC856 has two power supply, GND and VEE(-3.3V). Can I connect the GND pin to positive supply(+3.3V) and connect the VEE pin to ground? In my appilcation, the LVDS signal from the FPGA should be changed to the negetive CML level through a logic level…

  • About connection of HMC 856

    My customer focused on HMC856. The HMC856 is a time delay element.

    He unusually works under negative bias.

    The customer knows the device of both power supplies, but is puzzled over the device only for negative power supplies.

    What kind of connection…

  • Differential input accepting single ended signal

    I am using the ADN2917 differential output as single ended inputs into the HMC856 and HMC726.  The system is communicating at 10Gbps.  I don't have the option of using a clock buffer.  Can the circuit be connect like below? 

  • RE: Variable delay line for HMC661 and high speed ADC


    you can use HMC856(digital controlled variable delay).

  • RE: HMC911- time delay precision solution


    What is the delay precision you'd like to achieve? You might use different time delay parts but both propagation delay and delay steps might have variation over part to part, temperature and frequency within certain tolerances which are characterised…