• HMC8411 Instability

    Hi everybody. I designed a custom down-conversion board comprising an HMC8411 for the amp stage and an ADL5830 for the I/Q demodulation. The board is realized on RO4350B substrate and correctly dimensioned to be matched at 5.8GHz. I tested the board without…

  • HMC8411

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Firstly, i would like to mention that in the HMC8411LP2E_S_Parameters_85C_V3.s2p, there is typographic error at the temperature.

    Secondly, kind of urgent, was these s-parametres measured at the Figure.70 configuration? If yes, are there 

  • HMC8411 SyS

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I can't find the product HMC8411 (LNA) on Genesys keysight 2018.

    Thank you.


    Q: Can you provide a value for the junction-to-air thermal resistance for HMC8411?

  • Maximum RF input power when HMC8411 is off


    The datasheet of the HMC8411 specifies a maximum input RF power of 20dBm.

    Is it also true when the amplifier is not supplied?

    Thank you in advance.

  • RE: FAQ : Additive Phase Noise of HMC8412

    A: HMC8412 is very similar architecturally and functionally of HMC8411. So you can use the plot in the HMC8411 datasheet (Figure 66) as an estimate for the additive phase noise of HMC8412.

  • RE: HMC8411LP2FE & HMC8410LP2FE Harmonic performance in 0.5-6GHz

    Hi Kachana,

                          Attached are the results of the HMC8411 & HMC8410 Harmonics. I ran th eHMC840 at 80 mA. The maximum current per the data sheet.


    Jim B



  • RE: HMC8410 sequencing options

    Hi Nanjunda,

                            If you  are using only HMC8411 in your design. You would use Depletion / Master mode. referred to as Mode1 in table2 of the HMC981 datasheet and shown in Figure 2a.


    Jim B