• RE: HMC313 : Test data in the datasheet and Evaluation board

    Hi AkiraO,

    The heavy roll-off vs. frequency shown in the plot at right below is likely caused by the RF choke on the EVB.

    That choke is Coilcraft part # 0805CS-220XJLB, with S-parameters that can be found here: http://www.coilcraft.com/zip/0805cs.zip

  • RE: HMC8410 supply

    Hi qwertyzoom,

    The difference between the first sequence (having 5 steps) and the second sequence (having 4 steps) is that the second sequence applies the RF without Iddq=65 mA (quiescent) having been set. With your second sequence, after the RF has been…

  • HMC8410 Not Operating as Expected

    I am noticing some very strange behavior when biasing the HMC8410. Starting from a gate voltage of -2V, I turn a potentiometer and slowly increase the gate voltage while monitoring the drain quiescent current (RF input is not applied). The drain quiescent…

  • EV1HMC8410LP2F Heat Sink

    Hi all,

    Our customer evaluate HMC8410 w/ EV1HMC8410LP2F.

    Can you provide the information of the heat sink, outline drawing, all demensions ?

    Best regards,


  • HMC8410 VGG absolute maximum rating


    I consider using the HMC8410 in one of our new designs. For the amp to be biased correctly, I chose the HMC981 sequencer. However, this part has a normal VGate of -2.5V. Is this OK for the HMC8410, whose datasheet unfortunately lacks the specification…