• HMC8410LP2FE operation below 10 MHz


    I want to use the HMC8410LP2FE my low band path.  Can this amp be used down to the 1 MHz/ 500 kHz range?  Is there potential s-parameter data for this?  Does it need an external matching network for potential instability?  



  • HMC8410LP2FE- Gain query

    In datasheet, HMC8410LP2FE amplifier gain for 8GHz is around 17dB & in sparameter file it is 15.7dB. Please confirm which one is correct?

  • HMC8411LP2FE & HMC8410LP2FE Harmonic performance in 0.5-6GHz


    Please provide Harmonics performance of the LNAs HMC8411LP2FE & HMC8410LP2FE over the frequency range of 0.5-6GHz at following operating points.

    1. HMC8410LP2F : +5V @125mA

    2. HMC8411LP2FE : +5V @ 55mA

  • FAQ: Residual phase noise data for the HMC8410LP2FE

    QCan you provide the residual phase noise data for the HMC8410LP2FE?

  • HMC8410LP2FE Gate Resistor

    Is the series gate resistor "R2" on the eval board needed for operation? Or is it for current limiting on the eval board?

  • About HMC8410LP2FE noise parameters for simulator


    I would like to have the noise parameters of HMC8410LP2FE for RF simulator(i.e. ADS).

    On HMC8410PL33FE's web site, We can download an s-parameter file. 

    But it has not noise parameters.

    If you have s-parameter with noise parameter file, 


  • HMC8410LP2FE & AN-1363

    My customer is reading AN-1363 to use HMC980LP4E.
    The customer asked us as follows.

    In FIG. 15, CP_VDD is connected to GND, which is inconsistent with FIG. 13.
    In Figure 15, should CP_VDD be connected to VDD? Not GND.


    I also read AN-1363.
    I also think…

  • MTBF data request


    I am using the below parts in our modules. Please provide MTBF / FIT data for the same.


  • HMC981LP3E enable pin voltage


    I am using the HMC981LP3E bias controller to control the HMC8410LP2FE LNA and I am wondering if I can use a 1.8V GPIO to control the enable pin on the bias controller.  The datasheet stated that the minimum enable input threshold is 1.4V but there…

  • RE: HMC8410 OIP2

    Hi Jac,

                 110 mA should be ok. attached is the revised plot of IP2 vs. IDD.


    Jim B