• RE: HMC8410LP2FE- Gain query

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  • HMC8410LP2FE operation below 10 MHz


    I want to use the HMC8410LP2FE my low band path.  Can this amp be used down to the 1 MHz/ 500 kHz range?  Is there potential s-parameter data for this?  Does it need an external matching network for potential instability?  



  • HMC8410LP2FE Gate Resistor

    Is the series gate resistor "R2" on the eval board needed for operation? Or is it for current limiting on the eval board?

  • HMC8410LP2FE & AN-1363

    My customer is reading AN-1363 to use HMC980LP4E.
    The customer asked us as follows.

    In FIG. 15, CP_VDD is connected to GND, which is inconsistent with FIG. 13.
    In Figure 15, should CP_VDD be connected to VDD? Not GND.


    I also read AN-1363.
    I also think…

  • About HMC8410LP2FE noise parameters for simulator


    I would like to have the noise parameters of HMC8410LP2FE for RF simulator(i.e. ADS).

    On HMC8410PL33FE's web site, We can download an s-parameter file. 

    But it has not noise parameters.

    If you have s-parameter with noise parameter file, 


  • HMC8411LP2FE & HMC8410LP2FE Harmonic performance in 0.5-6GHz


    Please provide Harmonics performance of the LNAs HMC8411LP2FE & HMC8410LP2FE over the frequency range of 0.5-6GHz at following operating points.

    1. HMC8410LP2F : +5V @125mA

    2. HMC8411LP2FE : +5V @ 55mA

  • FAQ: Residual phase noise data for the HMC8410LP2FE

    QCan you provide the residual phase noise data for the HMC8410LP2FE?

  • HMC981LP3E enable pin voltage


    I am using the HMC981LP3E bias controller to control the HMC8410LP2FE LNA and I am wondering if I can use a 1.8V GPIO to control the enable pin on the bias controller.  The datasheet stated that the minimum enable input threshold is 1.4V but there…

  • RE: HMC8410 and inductor

    Hi Mochi,

    The Coilcraft website shows those EVB L1 and L2 part # 0402DF-591XJRU inductors as being in stock, with at least 57,000 available, though it did not ask for location (U.S.A., etc.). Regardless, if your customer can't obtain those inductors t…

  • RE: HMC8410 Low Frequency Response

    Hi AdamK,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. For the HMC8410LP2FE we have measurement data only as low as 10 MHz. That data was taken using the stock evaluation board, which includes the passive components necessary for biasing and bypassing the part while…