• RE: FAQ: HMC8400 VG2 Voltage

    A: VG2 can safely be varied between 0V and -2V with VDD at 0V. However, VG2 should not exceed 0V when VDD is not present.

  • FAQ: HMC8400 Input

    Q: Is the RF input of HMC8400 actually ac-coupled?

  • HMC8400 AGC performance

    I am using the HMC8400 in a receiver design and I want to take advantage of its AGC capability by varying Vgg.  Do you have any data for the HMC8400 when Vgg is not left open?  Specifically, I would like to set the gain of the device near 0 dB.  What will…

  • LTC6268 Bare Die Pad Layout


    For a research project I am working on I need to use the LTC6268-10 op-amp. In my project I need to reduce the parasitic capacitance as much as possible. As a result, I am trying to get bare-die of this op-amp and directly wirebond it to another…

  • 2HD, 3HD data of HMC441-Die and HMC462-Die


    Could you share the 2nd and the 3rd harmonic distortion data?

    If there is no data of these products, something of the same product series is also fine.



  • ltc2641 die -

    The largest temp range the DAC will operate per the data sheet is -40 to +85 C. If I get the die will it operate at -55 to 125C? I will be mounting the die on ceramic substrate.

    does the assumption that it will work if properly heatsunk although the…

  • HMC939A-DIE

    Please provide S-parameters for HMC939A-DIE. Thanks.

  • Die Temperature

    How can I determine the die temperature of your device?

  • HMC341 die

    Where can I get the S parameter of LNA HMC341 measured on die? The S papameter offered on website is the results measured on test board.