• RE: HMC835 Procedure to synchronize two evaluation boards

    We received an answer through the agency and it was resolved.

  • HMC835


    I received your HMC835LP6G Eval kit, which contains the HMC835 PLL eval board and a USB Interface board and a CD. I installed the software, but it does not recognize the USB board. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. I also downloaded the current software…

  • HMC835


    The design manual for the HMC835 refers to a ‘tunable reference guide’ for improved spurious performance that can be obtained from support, I searched the EZ and both the ADI and Hittite sites and was not able to find it. Could you please send…

  • HMC835 USE HIk?


    I wonder why the HMC835 internal VCO can't use HIk mode?

  • HMC835 Reference Input

    On the HMC835 Reference Input, The REF Input characteristics list the input range as -6 to +12dBm, Table 4 lists the recommended 100MHz sinewave clock amplitude as +5 to +15dBm, Figure 25 seems to indicate that the optimum FOM occurs at about -3 dBm and…

  • HMC835的35 36脚有直流电压3.4V,不能锁定。HMC835's 35、36 foot has DC voltage 3.4V, can not be locked.


    When using an external VCO, the VCO input to the HMC835 occur when 3.4V DC voltage, the whole loop can not be locked, do not know why, seeking answers.

  • HMC835 SPI at 1.8V


    Knowing that SDO can output at 1.8V.

    Is it possible to control a HMC835 synthesizer SCK, SDI, SEN, CHIP_EN directly at 1.8V level?

    Thanks and regards,

  • HMC835 HMC1034 HMC988


    Could you please tell me the differances between the HMC835 and HMC1034 and why one should be chosen over the other? The data sheets appear to have very similar specs, but the price of the HMC1034 is almost double. Also I plan to use either the…

  • HMC835 loop bandwidth


    We are using the HMC835 to create a carrier between 2-4 GHz. Then we inject a modulation signal at the external loop filter.The modulation signal is between 10-100 MHz baud rate and 100's of MHz frequency deviation. But when we perform manual…

  • HMC835 auto-calibration

    Hi, for a network analysis application, HMC835 will need to sweep several times over several frequencies, calibrate to known standards, and then sweep those frequencies again for the actual DUT measurement. however, HMC datasheet says it auto-calibrates…