• HMC834

    I use FPGA to control HMC834,HMC834 is in the metal box,the fpga is outside,

    when i turn on the power supply ,the fpga can control HMC834,

    but sometime i turn on the power supply,the fpga can not control HMC834,then HMC834 can not work all the time…

  • HMC834   fmcw

    I'm recently working with the Hittite HMC834.

    Can I use HMC834 eval board to perform a fmcw signal ? And how ?


  • Symbol and Footprint for HMC834


    Where can I find symbol and foorprint file for HMC834? The product page leades to generic search page where i get this error message "No results found for the model HMC834"

    Link in HMC834 product page (Symbols & Footprints | Design Center…

  • HMC834 communication

    i make a HMC834 PCB,the i use HMC834 demoboard's Control panel to communicate with my pcb,between the Control panel and HMC834 i put a 74AVC4TD245BQ,then i found the communication is not well ,somtimes the communication is good ,sometimes is not. so i…

  • 您好,能否给我一下hmc834配置案例,官网软件缺少文件安装不上


  • hmc834 装配焊接工艺问题。


  • hmc834 BIST



    How do I use the BIST feature of the HMC834?




  • RE: Evaluation board of HMC834LP6GE

    please share me the HMC834 Evaluation board layout and layer stackup details

  • HMC834 Lock


    I have an issue with the HMC834 evaluation board regarding the lock.Using the evaluation software it is correctly detected when the lock is produced or not. Attached are the images of both situations.

    The problem is that I also expect to be able…