• HMC833's SPI


    From which pin is the power supply to the SPI circuit?

    Also, I would like to know the specification absolute maximum ratings of the SPI (SCK, SDI, SEN) pins.

    Best Regards,

  • HMC833 Lock Issue


    We are using the HMC833 PLL in my custom HW design. We have produced a number of HW board with the HMC833 PLL and We observe that:

    1. In a number of boards the HMC833 does not lock but on some of them it does lock. The HW design is exactly the…

  • RE: HMC833 sample code

    I use 25 MHz as the input XREFP of the HMC. I would like to receive your sample code to evaluate my code as it does not work.

  • HMC833 Register settings

    Hello - we are using the HMC833 as a LO for our receiver and some questions came up on register settings.

    1 - Several of the registers have descriptions to program specific bits to values other than their defaults.  If the default register values are acceptable…

  • HMC833 serial

    Hello, comrades!
    I'm writing app that rules board with HMC833 and some points in datasheet is not fully clear for me.
    Page 41 says that "Host places the 24 data bits on the next 24 falling edges of SCK, MSB first". Did it means that i should place 24…

  • HMC833 output power


    In both the Electrical Specifications and Figure 9 graphs in the HMC833's datasheet, the output power values ​​at 6 GHz are about -11, -7, and -5 dBm.

    Does Electrical Specification include product variation as well as temperature variation?


  • HMC833 unlocks at low temperature

    Hi all,

    I'm using the HMC833 for synthesis of a carrier in the band 2200-2300MHz. Everything went fine up to now but when testing the equipment at -20ºC I observe that the lock of the VCO is unstable and it gets unlocked many times within one second …

  • HMC833 Locking Issue with 10MHz refernce

    Dear Analog Team,

    We are Working With HMC833 PLL from Last 2 Years Back.We are having our Own Design(Get these PCB design by Hyderabad Based Company)..In these Design using these PLL with the ATMega Micro Controller

    But Every time We are Using these PLL…

  • HMC833 Integer Mode Issue


    I am using HMC833 IC in my design.

    Up to now I have used it in fractional mode and everything was fine.

    Due to some spurious signals I would like to change its mode to integer one.

    I have changed the code accordingly but for some reason I receive…

  • HMC833 can't lock after supply power off / power on at high temperature


    We are experiencing the following issue with our HMC833 :

    1. The PLL lock fine at 25°C at 2880MHz
    2. then we ramp up the temperature at 60°C
    3. The pll is still locked and workng fine
    4. We power off then power on the board with the HMC833
    5. We apply…