• HMC830

    Why do the 16 feet  (DVDD3V)have a 50 ohm resistance after 3.3V

  • HMC830 DVDD3V



    1. 2,我遇到HMC830失锁的问题,正常上电不失锁,如果我突然断电在10分钟内又加电,它肯定失锁,但是我在断电10分钟左右后再加电就不失锁。猜测是断电电容放电不干净,该怎么解决这种情况。
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    I have the Evaluation Kit for the HMC830LP6GE PLL with Integrated VCO and an external reference of 100 MHz. I'm running the the HMC PLL software version V3240.exe. The program appears to work fine, but when I tune to a frequency of 3GHz I…

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    Would it be possible to get the Gerber files for the HMC830 Evaluation Board? We would like to use this as a known good layout for our board.

    Best Regards.

  • HMC830


    I have a problem with PLL HMC830.

    I program HMC830 with parameters as follows :

    Integer Mode for output = 50 Mhz (XTAL = 50 Mhz)

    HMC830_HMC_Write(0, 0x20); // soft reset and = A7975 in read
    delay (20);
    HMC830_HMC_Write(1, 0x2);

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  • hmc830

    hi sir....

    how to configure the register value for certain frequency values?...please tell me the procedure for to configure the register values.....

  • HMC830


    Do you offer a Software Development Kit or sample code for "EKIT01-HMC830LP6GE"  Fractional-N PLL with integrated

    VCO with USB interface board.


  • HMC830 LD_SDO

    Hello, I encounter a problem with the output voltage of HMC830 LD_SDO pin. The output  voltage drops to 0.7V or 2.0v or other else between them after the device works for sometime. The output signal retains locked and eventhough the REG 0Fh is written…

  • HMC830 NC pins

    I use 2x HMC830LP6GE on a radio design.

    The Datasheet recommends to connect the N/C pins to Ground.

    However, when I look at the schematics of your eval board, some of of the N/C pins are connected to VCC1 and other voltages.

    I am on layout now and…