• RE: HMC833配置问题


  • RE: PLL VCO Evaluation Software

    If you do not have eval hardware use the PLL simulator to simulate phase noise.  The simulator supports HMC833,HMC830 and HMC829. 

  • RE: 829 eval schematics and gerber

    Adding keyword to trigger notification to engineer: HMC829.

  • RE: the difference between hmc703 and hmc704

    The HMC704 PLL is used in wideband PLLVCO parts (HMC829, HMC830, HMC832, HMC833, HMC834 ).  Since these parts include a switched capacitor VCO the PLL die must include an autocal state machine to select the proper VCO band.  The HMC703 PLL design does n…

  • RE: Need a ADI recommended Fractional N PLL

    Dear Neilw,

    Thank you for your kind explanation.

    Anyway, about choosing a fractional N PLL device, how about using below devices for case #1 & 2 in my previous request?

    I can get a list of below devices from ADSimPLL with Single Output/Fractional…

  • RE: HMC829LP6E cannot lock


    Thanks for your help. The Lock Detect indicator is working now.

    Attached is the phase noise measurement @RFout of HMC829.

    Are these the reference sidebands? Is there any way to improve it?

  • Frequency Hopping with Hittite PLLVCO's

    This application note describes how to implement a manual VCO calibration to achieve the fastest settling time with Hittite PLLVCO products.

  • HMC832A Direct FM Modulation?

    I would like to know if it would be possible to get FM by digitally modulate the HMC832A PLL?

    I've learned that HMC832A can be used in fast hopping application, which infer that it can be directly modulated. This is the main reason why I chose this chip…

  • Recommended regulators for ADI PLLs and VCOs

    PLL Recommended regulator
    Low power standalone PLLs and the ADF4360-x narrowband PLL/VCO family (< 100 mA); e.g. ADF41xx, ADF42xx, ADF4360-x

    Use the ADP150 regulator; good performance, low cost.


  • RE: Frequency Sweep using HMC834LP6GE

    Once You try like this it may work ( not sure).

    1. Check weather your PLL (HMC834 ) is detected by the software when you load for some other PLL which has frequency hope option. if it is detected it will show the lock status as " Unlocked" or "Locked…