• HMC829 spurious


    I am currently using Hittite’s HMC829 to generate a 4GHz clock using a 100MHz sinusoidal input reference. there seems to be a 400 MHz (@ -92dBm) emission from the chip. is this normal? is there anyway to reduce this further?


  • HMC829 unlock

    I have a product using the HMC829 synthresizer.

    schematic is very similar to the one in the evaluation board. The control is by a microcontroller type PIC18...

    it was found that 40% of the products, will not lock at 80 deg. C

    It ws found that when DVDD…

  • HMC829 fails to start at high temperatures

    Summary: HMC829LP6GE enters a 'frozen' state when restarted at high temperatures (but well below the 85C max operating temperature), the temperature depending on the level of the input 30MHz reference .


    I am currently using Hittite’s HMC829LP6GE…

  • HMC840 and HMC829 rapid frequency hopping

    We are using HMC840 and HMC829 devices, both with 100 MHz phase detection frequency (PDF). We need to perform frequency hopping (in a range of about 100 MHz) and do it as fast as possible (preferably less than 100 usec.).

    I have the following questions…

  • 关于hmc829的频率带宽问题

    在选型表中,hmc829的频率带宽有5.6-8.4Ghz,但在数据手册中却只有0.045至1.05, 1.4至2.1, 2.8至4.2,三种带宽,请问这是什么情况?

  • Hmc829 isolation between analog and digital inside the chip


    I'm using HMC829 RF PLL evaluation board I run the configuration from examples that Hittite provided,

    at the RF output I see some spurious at different places that running through small band =1MhZ when I click on read lock register(12h) with…

  • HMC829寄存器快速配置问题


  • 求助,关于HMC829的几个问题





  • HMC829 unlocked because of the series 51 o resistor at DVDD3V

    Dear community

       I have a project  ,used HMC829 ,my design  is refered to ADI  HMC829demo  ,now  it unlocked  .  if  I reduced the resistor(51 ou) in series ,it got be better ,but it still  unlocked at temperature experiment . while , if  I remove this resistor…

  • Is it possible to Frequency modulate the internal VCO of the HMC829 PLL?

    I would like to know if it would be possible to modulate in frequancy a closed loop with the HMC829 PLL. Actually what I want to know is if it would produce linear modulation response from the modulation input (good THD for audio modulating signals).