• HMC8193

    Hello Sir,

    My requirement is to measure phase between RF signal and LO signal at  frequency 5.81 Ghz. The input and output port required is 50 ohm matched and the Input/ output should me single ended.

    so can i use HMC8193 as an IQ Demodulator?

  • Using HMC8193 as vector modulator

    I need 2-8GHz quadrature modulator with DC IF. I think to use HMC8193 quadrature mixer as modulator (LO input as RFin and RF input as RFout of modulator). Is it possible to apply +10..+20 dBm (or equivalent DC voltage) to IF1 or IF2 input and get constant…

  • RE: HMC8193 recommended vias on Exposed Ground Paddle


    Please find attached the Gerber Files for HMC8193


  • RE: ADL5380

    Hi Ankita,

    I checked, we do not have DC output data on the HMC8193.

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  • RE: HMC525ALC4


    You could use the HMC8193 for phase measurement driving 50 ohms. Here are some lab results for your conditions based on other questions in this forum.


  • Difference between I/Q mixer and I/Q demodulator


    I need a I/Q mixer (down converter). Transmitter signal is CW unmodulated. LO and RF frequency are same (4 GHz). HMC8193 is good, but its expensive. What is difference between I/Q mixer and I/Q demodulator? Can i use ADL5380 (I/Q demodulator) as…

  • RE: HMC525 and HMC620 Status

    The HMC8193 is recommended for new designs so that's not the case here. Only the HMC525 has been obsoleted.

  • RE: IQ modulator and demodulator

    Hi Tony,

    Many thanks for you reply and bringing roll off over frequency for adrd6720 to my attenation. 

    Over the holiday period, I also spotted a passive mixer, HMC8193, which is very interesting. Compared with above mods and de-mods, this IQ mixer only…

  • RE: HMC129A

    Hi ,

    Thanks. I will check HMC8193.

    So in general , except S-Parameter simulation , there is no way to simulate behavioral model of parts in simulators like 


    Do you have any suggestion for verifying such system in simulators?


    Best Regard

  • RE: “芯”来乍到,求赞、求围观!


    宽带无源同相正交RF混频器系列HMC819x,支持从2.5至42 GHz的完整频谱,与当今的其他分立式器件相比,它们提供了显著优势,为需要宽带支持的各种工业应用提供了理想解决方案,包括测试和测量等应用。